When it comes to dad-ish stuff, the star of ABC’s black-ish has it down. Top of this divorced father’s list: raising kids who are grounded, grateful and recognize the importance of giving back.

By Laura Morgan

Do the Right Thing

“I’ve always told my children [Kyra, 20, and Nathan, 16], ‘We are very fortunate, but there are lots of people who have less.’ They’ve always been a part of community outreach programs and feeding the homeless. They understand the true value of charity.”

Parental Guidance

“My mother and father were my role models. I looked at the hard work my father did to provide for his family, and I looked at how my mother believed in all her kids’ dreams.”

New and Improved

“I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic 15 years ago, so I changed my lifestyle: I run on the treadmill and try to be conscious of what I put into my body—I want to be here for my family!”

Take One, Take Two

“As a parent, you make your mistakes with your first child—the first kid is a guinea pig. I told my daughter she couldn’t get a phone until she was 11, and that was cool. But then when my son came along, he got a phone earlier. She said, ‘Why didn’t he have to wait?’ It’s like, ‘Baby, we didn’t know. I’m sorry.’ ”

Like Father, Like Son

“My son is an actor and I wanted to cast him on black-ish. He didn’t get the role, but he did another show—a live-action version of Richie Rich for Netflix.”

My Favorite Things

  • “Growing up, I watched Julia Child on PBS. That was my thing. Seeing my parents enjoy my efforts made me happy—it’s what cooking is all about.”
  • “I host a talk show on Animal Planet called Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson—think The Late Show meets Wild Kingdom. And my mother is my field reporter!”
  • “My son and I love to bowl. We have quite a little competition going on.”
  • “Chance the Rapper, from Chicago, and Kendrick Lamar, out of Compton, are my favorite musicians right now. I like what these two young brothers are doing and what they’re saying.”