The only thing NBC News’ political director and moderator of Meet the Press loves more than life in the DC fast lane are his wife Kristian and kids Margaret, 12, and Harrison, 9. (And, okay, maaaaybe college football and Game of Thrones.) 

By Laura Morgan

Weather or Not

“When I got the Meet the Press job, my daughter asked me, ‘Are you going to do something fun like the weather?’ To be really cool in her eyes, I would have to be a meteorologist.”

Strike Up the Band

“I went to college on a French horn scholarship. The Rolling Stones’ ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ starts with a French horn solo. It allowed me to pretend I was hip.”


“Music is not an elective in my family. My grandparents played instruments; my father and his sister played instruments. I see it as a very important part of their education. Do my children like piano lessons? Does any 9-year-old like piano lessons? Probably not.”

To Tell the Truth

“Usually it only takes me three tries, max, to get an honest answer out of my kids. With most politicians, it takes more than that.”

Like Father, Like Son

“My goatee isn’t going anywhere. My dad died when I was 16, and I only knew him with a beard. Our beards are the exact same color, and when I look in the mirror, I see my father. It’s a connection to my old man.”

My Favorite Things

  • “If I weren’t in politics, I’d probably cover sports. My passion is college football, and I’m a big Miami Hurricanes fan. I don’t get to be biased about politics, but I love to be biased about sports.”
  • “I’m Led Zeppelin obsessed, but I also love me some Mozart.”
  • “My kids—all the kids in our neighborhood—are nuts about the Fitbit. I was skeptical, but of all the trends they could fall for, it’s not a bad one. It gets them off the couch. I’ll take it over Snapchat any day.”
  • “I always tell people that Game of Thrones is the savviest, most ambitious political show on television. It’s multiple families fighting for control, but it’s raw politics.”