Not only is Community alum Ken Jeong a former doctor but he plays one on TV!

By Patty Adams Martinez

When he isn't filming ABC's Dr. Ken or starring in movies like Ride Along 2 and the animated Norm of the North (both in theaters Jan 15), Ken Jeong is putting the kibosh on his daughters' "sick days."

Six Things You Might Have Not Known About Ken Jeong

Going from having no kids to becoming parents of two overnight is crazy. Twins aren't twice as hard—they're more like four times as difficult.

My wife and I both have medical degrees, which come in handy with 8-year-old girls. Alexa and Zooey have no hope of getting one past us. "Mom, Dad, I'm sick." "Oh, really, what are your symptoms?" "All right, I'm lying. I'll go to school!"

My daughters still like me, which is a plus. But I'm dreading eight years from now. Two dating at once? Two driving at once? I'm having a mini panic attack just thinking about it.

I'm a karaoke master. My mainstays are the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge" and the Black Crowes' "She Talks to Angels." But I like to keep the crowd guessing, so you never know what I'm going to pull out when it's my turn to 'oke!

I may be the comedian, but my wife is really the funny one. My dream was to find someone I could laugh the rest of my life with, and I found that in Tran.

I have a lot of man crushes, but my Hangover costar Zach Galifianakis may be my biggest. Everything he says is hilarious.

Photo courtesy of ABC