Wedded bliss is not on the menu for Friends icon Lisa Kudrow in her comedy, Table 19, where she plays a cantankerous wife. Luckily her real life is happier.

By Laura Morgan

Gentleman’s Club

“Michel is French, and for him parenting is more formal—you eat properly with a knife, fork and spoon and say ‘thank you.’ Growing up, if I wanted, I could eat with my hands. My father’s philosophy was ‘You’re at home, you should be comfortable.’ But Julian has excellent table manners.”


“My son is the best person I’ve ever met. He is just pure decency. When he’s not in the house, there’s a big hole. Honestly, he’s better than the two of us by

a lot. He really is.”

Pick and Choose

“A role has to be truly worth it for me to give my time. Thanks to being on Friends for 10 years, I can afford to be picky. I will be forever grateful to the show, because I can choose what I want to do. I think that’s the biggest luxury anyone can have.”


“There’s this old-fashioned thing, talking. That’s how I stay close to Julian; I make him talk to me. But he’s a guy, so he’s not really chit-chatty, and he won’t gossip at all—which is no fun!”

Don't Try This at Home

“It was fun to play a bickering couple [with Craig Robinson] in my upcoming film. They do everything my husband and I purposely avoid so that we can actually stay married.”

My Favorite Things

  • “I watch Nova and Through the Wormhole. I call it easy-listening science because I don’t think that I could wade through a real scientific paper anymore.”
  • “I like playing puzzle games like the app Drop7, and I’ve wasted a lot of time with 1010!”
  • “My costar Anna Kendrick is fantastic. She’s shiny and fun. The best days on set were when Craig would start singing and Anna would join in. It was just breathtaking to watch.”