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You are well-known for your organizing skills and gift for small details. These will be put to the test near the 25th of September when your family budget needs to be rebalanced. You have been through the most unpredictable financial cycle of your life since 2011 and are only just now getting a handle on how your bank account might look without constant uncertainty. If you need some Me Time, the New Moon in Virgo, your own sign, is perfect on Sunday the 9th. Take advantage and recharge your batteries, as there are new challenges on the horizon. Issues with your partner arise regarding a son or daughter, partly created by differences within your own families. Put yourself first to help you make smart choices. 


You have been on a unique road involving your former or current partner since 2011. An astrological cycle which can only happen once in your life has taken you on a journey that has involved the most unexpected twists and turns of fate. If you are typical of your sign you may now have quite a different relationship with that partner. Trying to judge the future before it unfolds has not helped very much, as either the person concerned, or the circumstances in which you are both placed, have challenged you at every turn. There have also been rewards, though, and in September you will be asked to sit back and review the last seven years. The decisions you have made which have delivered the most freedom are a lesson you can learn from now. You still need freedom from something (or perhaps someone). Use that hard-won experience to grasp it.


You must laugh when people talk about daily routine, because you no longer expect any kind of predictable routine in your life at all, Scorpio. Your part-time or full time work, your housework (in particular) and your running of the family home, have required juggling and brilliance, for years. Making it up as you go along has been par for the course, yet it may surprise you to hear that this will no longer be required in 2019. As the year draws to a close, you will be in a position to make sign-off decisions about your parenting, your chores and any commitments you might have after hours, or on the weekends. If one of these involves an act of rebellion on your part, then so be it. Back in 2016, you learned a major lesson about how unpredictable life could be. Now you zig-zag, when life also zig-zags. A big choice now marks the end of an era, as you will reach a point early next year when your day-to-day pathway is smooth and straight.


The relationship you have had with your teenage daughter or son is not something you could have read about in any book, website or article, Sagittarius. Despite your best intentions over the last few years, you have been caught in a long-running cycle when the last thing you expected to happen, may have come your way. In other cases, you have managed to avoid drama with your child, but seen the unexpected take place with other aspects of parenthood, pregnancy, or your role as aunt or godparent. Sooner or later, all such cycles draw to a close and September’s Full Moon on Tuesday the 25th will give you a chance to face facts. That was then, this is now. Try to let particular memories go, as the young person in question is evolving and changing, and what worked in years past is no longer relevant. This should be liberating for you, and you may be surprised to hear that from mid-2019 on, life will be far more orderly.


Figuring out what kind of home life you want—and what kind of home—has taken you some years of experimentation, Capricorn. The issue all along may have been your own restlessness or lack of satisfaction. In other cases you have been dealing with so many changes in the family, or in your home town or local area, that you have had no choice except to keep altering course. A new feeling of security and certainty will be on offer next year, but you have to do some work to get there. This may involve a new commitment to renovations, for example, or a determination to run the household in a new way. The ‘happily ever after’ that you really want is space, and it’s certainly on offer—if you don’t mind taking a deep breath in September and making choices that help you in 2019.


Finding your voice has been a major part of the last few years, Aquarius, and although you have been through some difficult patches on social media, or with those around who failed to properly communicate or connect, you are now a different person. You have found your own way of being heard and read, and it has often been a thrill to discover just how free you are to reach out and make new friends and acquaintances who are ready to pay attention. September slowly closes the cycle, and what you begin now will evolve into quite a different way of using your way with words, ideas or images (particularly online) next year. Speaking the same language as your husband or children has been part of the challenge but also the reward. It is also possible that public speaking or part-time classes in your local area are the key. There are no limits and although it may feel as if you are still experimenting, in fact you are almost there.


The whole world is now experiencing a revolutionary new financial cycle which has not happened since 1934 and you are being affected by it too. The ripple effect from the new global economy now makes waves in your own life, Pisces, and no matter if you are juggling a family budget or considering your investments, the final week of September will call for a milestone decision. There are still no guarantees, yet by this time next year, you will be far more certain of the future, with none of the dramatic ups and downs of the last seven years. One thing that may help you now is a deliberate calculation based on your own independence. Depending on your own personal birth chart the situation may be more complex but a crossroads choice waits. You have not been able to plot a smooth or predictable course in years but by 2019, it is here.


You have long since reached a point where you realize how misleading your image or profile is, and perhaps this is because of the internet itself, with all its Instagram filters or Google listings. The fact is, the planet of slow revolution, Uranus, has been in Aries for many years, and you are now experiencing the end of an era. This means that appearances will matter a great deal less to you, and in September you will see why. For reasons which are surprising and unexpected, you will not present yourself to the world as you once did. Occasionally this cycle tallies with a role change involving your partner or children, or a shift which occurs involving work or study. Sometimes it is about your personal appearance, so there may be weight loss, laser eye surgery, a dramatic hair cut or similar. You will enjoy the experiment, because you know the real you is hidden underneath. She never alters. The people who matter most to you are never taken in by appearances and that’s all that matters.


No matter how long you have been with your partner, or how close your family might be, there are still secrets to keep. Every so often, you hit a cycle when you need to make major decisions about all that you cover up and hide, Taurus, and very close to the Full Moon on Tuesday, September 25th, you must make a choice. It may be that you need to reveal your secret to your son, daughter or husband. Perhaps you have a person outside the family you can confide in. Taurus, as the month draws to a close, you may choose to tell nobody at all about your inner self, or hidden life, and keep it that way. If this suits you better, then your horoscope agrees, yet you may want to take your time before you make a final choice.


You have learned so much about friendship over the last few years that you could write a book about it, yet it would never come to an end, and there would be no predictable plot. The truth is, your friends have taught you more about independence than any other part of your life. This month, you will be writing a new chapter, perhaps with the same friend, within the same group, team, club or other network of people. If your situation has reached a point where you, or your friend, must let go there may be a gap in your life, yet a new person will come along as a replacement. There may be set rules, regulations, expectations or conditions which surround the most important group in your life. A moms’ internet organization might be one example; a regular yoga class another. September will remind you that these rules were made to be bent or broken, but each time it happens, you gain freedom. Should you need to go your own way completely, there is no going back, so take your time choosing.


You must be wondering when your life will settle down and become easier to foresee, plan and organize, Cancer. That day is not far off, as you are slowly coming to the end of an era, which began in 2011 and has kept you uncertain about life ever since. This may be because of your partner’s career; your own part-time or full time job, or a parenting role which did not come with a manual. There will be times in September when you feel history repeating itself, as the Full Moon on Tuesday the 25th shows you a familiar question. How do you adapt and adjust, when there are no guarantees about your particular role? One thing is certain, though. You deserve more freedom, space and independence in your life and you are about to acquire it. Room to move is very precious, and although you may have to fly by the seat of your pants, at home or work, it’s still an exciting trip.


Over the last seven years, Leo, you have found yourself having to constantly invent a new way to use the internet, to travel and to deal with foreign people and places, as they arise. Now, the cycle comes around one last time and between now and the start of 2019 you will need to make decisions which allow you to sign off from one particular situation, organization or person which has been so unpredictable. One particular trip, plan or project near Thursday, September 27th, will require a compromise. This may be your social media account, a Thanksgiving vacation or a more demanding matter.  You will not be able to repeat yourself then, as the next few months will once again ask you to make things up as you go along. This is particularly true if Europe, Asia or people from those places are involved, as there is no rule book. High school or college students in your home may contribute to that, or a part-time job or hobby which involves distant faces, in distant places, may be the source.

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