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By Astrology Reading Jessica Adams
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You are now in your final three months of a fantastic, but demanding, cycle. The focus has been foreign or regional differences; education or college; internet or publishing goals. You may, for example, have been involved with a European project, trip, relocation or friend - or been looking across the map to Canada. You are now rolling with the energy, support and cosmic good timing, and although the work involved is heavy, the results in November could be amazing, Aries. A new sense of responsibility with one of your children is to be welcomed. He or she is growing up fast and wants to shoulder some of the load in life. Your partner has a risky decision to make. Listen up.


Knowing what everybody else is thinking is part of the battle! You have intuitive insight into general opinion in your circle now and that helps. You will make your own decision anyway, in your own time, in your own way. You are a practical earth sign and you normally make choices based on what works, or what is sensible. This time, something else is speaking to you, and it is best described as your soul, spirit or inner self. Taurus, you are up for a leading role, speaking up or speaking out, within weeks. This may be a birthday speech or an impassioned stand at a meeting. You also have a friend or family member who is lacking motivation. You’re the life coach here.


Arguing the point with someone is always interesting, and a challenge too - but Gemini, as we are now in September and this has been going on far too long, you do need to call it quits. I am sure one of your children would agree, if she or he knew all the full details! You are now reluctantly leaving behind a situation whose time has come. Parting is such sweet sorrow, as Shakespeare wrote, and perhaps it’s better to think of life this way. A home or premises, likely yours, or perhaps a friend or family member’s, needs some T.L.C and practical work. Get ready for some serious renovation, gardening or redecoration. You’ll love it. It’s a distraction and a reward.


Giving others the benefit of the doubt is a smart idea in September. You don’t know all the facts and never will, so leave things as open and free as possible then quietly move on. Understanding how something works, on a technical or practical level, adds to your month. You will be amazed at how this skill-set improves your life, years into the future. It may be learning how to use WordPress for example - or fix your bike! A family friend or insider you have doubts about, is back on the scene now. Step back from the situation and ask yourself what is actually going on. Ask your partner if you wish, but your judgement is closer. A lovely gift or prime bargain will be yours soon.


Outstanding achievements in your field? Why, sure. You are a Leo after all, but you have also been doing the work, for quite a long time now. Your rewards are coming. You will set off on foot, by sea, or perhaps by air if you don’t want to travel the old-fashioned way. This will bring things full circle for you as you have left one place, person or situation unresolved from the past. A nice neighbor, local friend or community face will approach you and this is so worth your time. Such a bond or connection can run for years, on and off, and always bring good things. An elderly relative or friend needs help. She is too humble or proud to ask but act on your radar.


September is your birthday month, Virgo, unless you were a late August baby, so enjoy your special day and know that the stars are still aligned for a wonderful new phase in your home or family life. This may be about renovating, redecorating or moving. It may be about news to celebrate with someone in your clan, but by November you will know for sure, and it’s a champagne moment. Your communication issues with someone revolve around the computer, the phone, or general questions about hearing, listening, understanding and so on! It can be so frustrating at times but if you really focus on answers, it will make such a difference.


Your diary is set up for September and you have certain plans. That’s fine, Libra, but leave enough space for things to change, and new people, places, events and organizations to come in. It’s that kind of month. As the astrologer Patric Walker used to say (and he was a Sun Libra like you) “Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans.” That other famous Libra, John Lennon, quoted him once. Seeing where life takes you makes the month so much more interesting and it gives you a certain freedom. Sometimes it does have to be all about you, no matter how much you give to your partner and children. A little bit of your old single life will return to you.


We’re nearly at the end of the year and you, being a passionate Scorpio (and a fixed sign, which means you get fixated on goals and don’t budge) are still chasing an ambition. You have been single-minded about this work, charity, financial or business outcome for many months and it is a male who will hand you the key you need. You also have your partner to figure out at the moment. Things have changed, for this person, or between you. This is down to a cycle not seen in over 80 years. Independence and freedom, space and room to move, are the obvious answers. How you get there is up to you, and you will do it your own way, factoring in the children.


An educational process, either formal (you have been studying part-time) or more likely, informal (you have been learning about a new subject, purely for your own enjoyment) now draws to a close. You will go back again later on in life and return to the same topic, on a deeper level, too. Your partner has a few choices for business trips, vacations, export to another region/country or international or far-flung collaborations. He is seeing the big picture, but unable to decide. You can see the fine details so do share them. Your son or other young male relative in the family circle is at the first bold step of a new plan, venture or course. Encourage him. He needs it.


Leaving things out is as important as keeping them in, and the time has come to do some life editing, Capricorn. This applies right across every aspect of your existence, from home, to friendships, to work, to any voluntary work or study. This is the Marie Kondo approach. Only retain what ‘sparks joy’ in your world and dispense with the rest. This helps you get ready for what is going to be a very demanding 2020, even though it is rewarding. You also need to look at the way a partner or family member is behaving. We are living in a very self-centered time, with the Selfie Stick, social me-me-me-media and the rest. It looks as though someone has caught the bug. Point it out.


Knitting may (or may not) be something you have time for, but it is a good symbol of what you are doing in September, Aquarius. You are knitting together all the loose strands in a situation and pulling things together, to make a colorful, beautiful and unique pattern that keeps. This is actually your life, your job, your home or voluntary position. Perhaps your studies. It is a challenge to make everything work, but this Ian exceptional month with the Sun in the organized, efficient and methodical sign of Virgo. Have a look at your eating and drinking patterns, too. This is where you have been ‘knitting’ together a way of living, for quite some time. Ask yourself it’s working.


The more you make it in life, in terms of your family circle, personal achievements, work, voluntary efforts, study and the rest - the more you want to make it! Is that true for you at the moment? Your horoscope suggests a year of greater ambition or goal-setting and that’s wise. You are in the right time, at the right place, with the right people on so many occasions between now and November, with a peak moment of glory then. You know what you want from life and it is within reach now. You define success in your own way, of course. Perhaps success is seeing your partner promoted, or nailing a part-time qualification. Step by step, though, you’re approaching it.