You likely go to Marshalls –or TJ Maxx, or Homegoods–with a central goal in mind: find cute stuff for less money. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or lose track of things you really need. We tapped resident Marshalls experts Melissa Garcia (for all things fashion) and Will Taylor (for all things home) for tips on how to stay on track, find the best deals, and navigate the wonderland that is Marshalls.

By Caroline Mullen
Hacks and tips to get the best deals and finds at your local Marshalls.

Tips from Melissa Garcia:

Clothing in the style section of Marshalls.

Be Open to What’s in Store

As a stylist, I’m always tracking trends but I love to explore in-store to find what really speaks to me and suits my style. The trick to making fashion your own is being open to inspiration. Walk the aisles at a store like Marshalls so you’re not limited to “that one thing” in your mind. Whether looking to experiment with a new hue to add ‘wow’ to your everyday color palette, or crave the latest seasonal prints, take cues from full-looks merchandised on the end of the racks and front of store to spark ideas. From there, have fun and play with pieces until you find what works best for your personal style.

Shop More, Edit Later

Like most, I tend to pick up more than what I need and edit down once I get into the dressing room; at Marshalls, even the dressing rooms are arranged to help you edit with fun hooks! Be open to surprises as you shop, and pile multiple looks into your cart like a great jumpsuit for Sunday brunch or dress for a friend’s rehearsal dinner. After you eliminate styles that don’t work on you, take another walk around the store to make sure you didn’t miss any premium finds!

Spot Your Favorite Brands in a Hurry

If you only have time for a quick shop right before work or vacation, head to the specific section for the piece you’re looking for and let the eye-catching name brand signs guide you from there. Once you spot your favorite brands, look through the racks for today’s trends.

Explore the Handbag Rainbow

The handbag department is arranged by color, so you can easily find what you’re looking for, and then explore various sizes, shapes, textures and designers. Whether a standout tangerine bucket bag or a tan round woven purse, you can seamlessly incorporate the looks you want. 

Follow Along on Social for New Arrivals and Outfit Inspo

One of the best pieces of advice for anyone looking to refresh their wardrobe is to be inspired by social media. I follow brands that curate looks, like Marshalls, so I can check out a variety of new, on-trend seasonal styles. Many Instagram Stories are captured in-store so you can discover great finds, plus you get a first look at the new merchandise that arrived that week.

Tips from Will Taylor:

Marshalls home section.

Always start with a hero piece

Every time I walk into Marshalls, I instantly find so many pieces I love, but sometimes I prefer to target a particular project and focus my search. My top tip is to pick one hero item and then build from there – whether it’s a tablescape, dressing a bed, accessorizing a room, etc. Having one favorite item anchoring the decorating project you are shopping for means you have a reference point when you make decisions on what to buy for the project.

Paint samples are your shopping BFF

If you’re shopping for your house, be sure to bring paint swatches with you! Having the exact paint color will make it so much easier for you to feel confident about making in-store purchases for your home. Whether you are buying bedding or vases, having the paint swatches to compare side-by-side makes it that much easier to know you are buying complementing pieces for the space. Marshalls has a variety of merchandise – and sometimes the same item in a couple of different colors – so if you love an item but the first option doesn't work, don't give up on it! Oftentimes you can find it in another color variation as you explore the aisles of the store or check out another store location for different merchandise since no two stores are exactly alike.

Try before you buy with an in-store vignette

One of the things I love most about Marshalls is how welcoming the shopping experience is; you can take your time and browse the store to see what surprises you find. When I’m unsure if the items I’ve picked up are going to work together, I try them out right then and there in-store. I find a space on a piece of furniture like a coffee table or bookshelf, or even in my shopping cart, and create a little vignette so I can see how my potential buys look together before purchasing. Checking out while feeling confident about my choices makes the shopping experience that much more enjoyable!

Don't be afraid to experiment with items from around the world

I love shopping Marshalls because they carry a variety of décor and furniture from around the globe, making it easy to experiment with new styles, patterns and textures at amazing prices. Marshalls buyers travel the world in search of the latest trends, and I love discovering them in-store and incorporating them into my space for an eclectic look. Everything from a round accent table from India as the perfect finishing touch in a guest bedroom to a ceramic vase made in Portugal as a statement piece on a console table, Marshalls has an ever-changing selection of surprises in-store.

Create a note for all the key measurements of your home on your phone

I always find the best items when I’m not looking for them. That’s one of the many things I love about Marshalls – the variety is so expansive and there’s always an exciting opportunity to find the perfect piece you didn’t even know your home needed! I always have the main dimensions for my rooms and existing furniture saved on my phone, that way if I stumble upon an unexpected surprise while shopping in store I’ll know whether or not it will work from a size perspective. Since many of the stores may only have one or two of an item, I can scoop it up that day and not risk losing out on a favorite find while going home to measure!