Today's moon has taken over our news feeds and for good reason.

By Sugey Palomares

The night sky graced us with the rare phenomena that NASA has dubbed the Super Blue Blood Moon. Earlier today, people from Australia, New Zealand and eastern Asia got the best views of the trio total lunar eclipse: the supermoon, blue moon, and blood moon. 

The supermoon occurs when the moon is closest to Earth, while the blue moon is the second full moon of the new calendar year. The blood moon is the moment in a lunar eclipse when the moon turns red. All three of these events occurred in a single night. Pretty incredible—even if you aren’t a space head. 

According to NASA, the next Super Blue Blood Moon will happen on January 31, 2037. That’s certainly a while away. If you missed the viewing party early this morning, here’s a look at some of the views:

The Super Blue Blood Moon looked glorious over the Golden Gate Bridge, as captured by @LiveDoppler7:

Check out this beautiful shot with the Statue of Liberty in New York City: