Actress Lisa Kudrow talked to Family Circle about cooking for her family as well as her not-so-secret love of video games.

By Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

Q. People think video games are for kids — but you're a gamer, right?A. I've been a fan of portable gaming systems for 10 years. They help me relax when there's downtime on the set. I especially like puzzles. Right now I'm loving the brain teasers on Nintendo DS Lite's Touchmaster.

Q. Is your son, Julian, into video games too?A. Well, if he's supposed to be doing homework, there's nothing he'd like more than to play one of my puzzle games! He has a Nintendo Wii, so sometimes we play together. He's into Skate It, which isn't my thing. When a player falls, he learns how many bones he's broken.

Q. What else do you do as a family?A. We're lucky to have relatives in the area — they come over to our house a lot. I'll make them a roast chicken.

Q. Speaking of cooking, you appeared in an ad for Nintendo DS Personal Trainer: Cooking. What's so cool about it?A. It's a tool for the novice chef, with hundreds of recipes. I can type in how many calories I want to consume or which ingredients I have on hand and it provides a list of options.

Q. So it makes cooking easier?A. Definitely — and it also encourages kids to lend a hand. It provides voice-activated instructions and responds to user questions. It can tell you how to chop garlic if you ask! I have an early model that was made in the U.K. so it only understands British English. If I want recipe details, I have to speak to it using my flawed British accent.

Q. How are Julian's cooking skills?A. He's good at making pasta with white sauce that's full of milk and butter and yummy stuff like that.

Originally published in the June 2009 issue of Family Circle magazine.