By Family Circle Online Editors
Photo via Burger King screen shot

The Federal Communications Commission voted in December to undo net neutrality, a set of Obama-era rules that regulate the businesses that connect consumers to the internet, according to the New York Times. Though the vote is done, lawmakers have already begun to draft measures to save net neutrality in their states (Slate has that story).

But with so many changes on the verge of affecting how we navigate the web, many people still don't know what exactly net neutrality is. (No shame here, it's confusing!) Bottom line: It could slow your load times and streaming immensely based on how much you pay. In other words, the buffering logo could appear a lot more, and we all love that SO MUCH.

Enter Burger King. Yes, the fast food burger chain. They created a genius way of explaining how net neutrality might work—using their trademark Whopper. It's been viewed nearly 800,000 times so far. Check it out below and write to your senator to save net neutrality.