Screen Shots: Webcams for Every Budget

Of course you'd rather catch up in person. But sometimes logistics or finances make it impossible to get together. Stay in touch by video chatting instead.

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Freetalk Buddy Cam


Make Buddy the newest addition to your family. This webcam's arms and legs bend, so he can stand on your desk or sit on your computer monitor. And thanks to his USB plug-and-play feature, there's no installation necessary. $20

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Freetalk Everyman HD


Amp it up to a new level—an HD level, that is. Plus, this webcam is incredibly lightweight, making it a cinch for those on the go. $60

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faceVsion Technology TouchCam N1


This HD webcam has a 78-degree auto focus, wide-angle lens, and built-in dual microphones, so both the image and the sound are stunning. $119

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Panasonic Viera Series HD TV plus TV-compatible webcam or Samsung 3D LED 8000 Series and TV-compatible webcam


Both these systems are a huge splurge, but they're pretty fantastic. Take video chatting from the home office to the living room, and then supersize it. Now your parents can tune in to their grandkids opening presents, even from across the country. Panasonic Viera Series HD TV ($1,500 to $2,600), TV-compatible webcam ($170), Samsung 3D LED 8000 Series ($2,108), TV-compatible webcam ($150)

Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Family Circle magazine.

This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings and styles are subject to change.