Is your teen or tween sporting an Android phone? Do you worry about what they are up to with that thing? You aren’t alone. According to Norton research, 1 in 3 kids use smartphones to access the Internet. And most of their parents are in the dark about who they are talking to and texting -- or if they are sexting.

If you have been using Norton Online Family (or even if you haven’t) to monitor what your kids are up to on the computer, you will be pleased to know that the company recently extended that same coverage to Android phones. With this app for Android, you can see your kids’ contacts, create a list of allowed and not allowed people, see what apps they have installed on the phone, and the Web sites they visit -- all form your own computer or phone. You decide how much supervision your child requires.

It’s not a secret spy tool. It lets kids – and those they exchange texts with – know that the phone is being monitored by a parent.

Just install the app (by going to the Android market from the phone and searching for Norton Safety Minder), log in, and it adopts the house rules you set up at Norton Online Family. If you haven’t used that tool before, no problem. You will have to tick a few boxes to set those up.

Best of all, it’s free!