We'll show you how to relive your family's vacation with these easy, stylish products.

Frame a map of your last road trip, make sunprints of leaves and flowers, or create a shadow box of keepsakes. We'll show you how to relive your family's vacation with these easy, stylish products.

FC Tip: Make souvenir gathering a family affair. Next trip, ask the kids to find their favorites.

On the Road Again

Mark the route of a trip on a map and embellish it with favorite photos and souvenirs.

Here's how: Choose a frame with cardboard backing. Remove backing and glass. (You won't be needing the glass). Trim map to the size of cardboard. Repeat with double-side adhesive sheets. Remove one side of paper from adhesive and stick to backing, then paste map to the other side. Place map inside frame. Use map pins to mark route. Glue piece of yarn to left edge of the map, knot it around each pin and glue it to the right side. Arrange memorabilia, glue, and let dry completely before hanging.

Fun in the Sun

Collect feathers, leaves, and flowers from the family nature walk or camping trip and turn them into sunprints to showcase on shelves or a wall.

Here's how: Use a sunprint kit and sunprint fabric. Work away from light sources. Pick several frames. Using backing from frame, trace and cut fabric, fasten to cardboard, and lay desired objects on top. Place a piece of clear glass over fabric to keep it flat. Expose to bright, direct sunlight for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove items and rinse fabric until water runs clear. Hang to dry. With fabric facedown, cover with pressing cloth and iron. To mount, apply double-side adhesive to fabric and adhere to cardboard insert from frame. Replace inside glass. Sunlight Print kit by Paul Grivell, $23, amazon.com.


Glass Menagerie

Highlight a favorite travel memory by creating glass paperweights with bits of maps, museum tickets, or postcards.

Here's how: Use a paperweight kit ($8, photoweights.com). Place mounting board on top of memento being showcased; trace and cut out. Remove film from mounting board and paste your item to it. If necessary, trim so it's flush with edge of board. Place board, image side down, onto recessed bottom of glass weight. Remove film from velour bottom pad, center pad on bottom of paperweight, and press firmly to secure.


Boxed Set

Instead of hiding mementos between the pages of a scrapbook, organize your photos and souvenirs in decorative boxes to display on a shelf. Label each box with the date and a photograph or postcard from the trip.

Here's how: Using double-side tape, attach a postcard to a slightly larger solid-colored piece of paper. Adhere double-side tape to back of paper and stick to front of box. Print out the month and year, stick it to a slightly larger piece of paper and paste it above the postcard.

Small World

Collect souvenir trinkets or found objects — anything that catches your eye — and assemble your treasures in a shadow box. Select a favorite photograph to establish a theme (ours is beachy). A camping trip or city excursion works just as well.

Here's how: Remove backing from shadow box. Place sheet of double-side adhesive on backing and trim to size. Detach paper coating from adhesive and paste piece of fabric to it, trimming fabric so it's flush. Cut small piece of card stock, write date on it, and tuck inside label holder. Arrange photo, shells, and label holder inside shadow box and adhere with glue dots. Add a sprinkle of sand and close.