Tips for planning a cool cultural outing to the museum

By Ardenis Perez



One in five Americans are more likely to visit museums with their kid. Enjoy a cool cultural outing with tips from Emily Blumenthal, senior managing educator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

→  Let Them Lead: “Put the kids in charge,” suggests Blumenthal. Getting them interested simply starts with asking them about what they like—for instance, their favorite subject at school can help narrow down the type 

of museum or exhibit to choose.

 Start a Dialogue: Spark conversation by challenging your crew to answer questions like “What do you see?” and “What did you notice that makes you say that?”

→  Take a Break: Avoid group burnout by hitting the pause button as needed. “Don’t try to see the entire museum in one visit,” says Blumenthal. Reboot by browsing souvenirs in the gift shop or eating in the cafeteria.

America’s favorite types of museums

1. Aquarium

2. History

3. Science

4. Natural history

5. Art

Source: Thinkwell Group