Many of the words you've been dying to play in Words With Friends are now playable. Yas, Kween!

By Family Circle Online

People get pretty competitive when it comes to Words With Friends. Usually players have a strategy, whether it’s playing defense or specializing in multiple-word plays. It’s rare to encounter someone who plays for fun. Is it weird to not play for bragging rights? Asking for a friend.

Zynga, the social game developer behind Words With Friends, announced today that they’re making it easier to deliver crushing blows to your opponents: Some favorite words from the social media world – words one won’t find in Merriam-Webster – are now OK to use. They’ve added 50,000 words to a new Social Dictionary. Here’s a brief list of the words now in play:

·         Bae

·         Bestie

·         BFF

·         Fitspo

·         FOMO

·         Hangry

·         Kween

·         Smize

·         TFW

·         Turnt

·         Werk

·         Yas

NPR has an excellent strategy article here. Now go werk!

Download Words With Friends for iOS.