Imagine top trainers teaching you how to sculpt a lean body—at zero cost. Check out this list of gurus and their must-try moves.

By Kendall Wenaas
Photo by Greg Scheidemann Pictures/Greg Scheidemann

Reverse Plank with Leg Kicks

Trainer: @msjeanettejenkins

Celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins is that motivating instructor who can get anyone off the couch to break a serious sweat. While stars covet her expertise, Jenkins wants everyone in on the action. She promotes that mentality with her virtual weight-loss program, The Hollywood Trainer Club (@hollywoodtrainerclub). On her page, Jenkins shares tons of insider info on toning your arms, legs and, her specialty, your abs—no crunches or sit-ups necessary.

How to do the move:

1. Sit on the floor with palms flat on the ground next to hips, fingers facing toward toes and legs forward. Engage abs tightly, then press into hands and lift hips, keeping legs straight and resting on your heels.

2. With abs tight and plank strong, pull left leg up toward the sky, pointing toes and keeping leg straight, and extend to your full range of motion. Return left leg to floor and repeat with right leg. (Lower butt to floor whenever necessary.) Continue, alternating sides, for 8 to 10 reps.

Reverse Lunge to One-Legged Dead Lift

Trainer: @KiraStokesFit

Kira Stokes trains the famous, but she's still accessible to the masses with her #SMOTD, or Stoked Move of the Day, posts. Workouts from the creator of The Stoked Method are hardcore: She considers jumping rope your "active rest" time and believes you have to shock the body to change the body.

How to do the move: 

1. Start standing, balancing on your right foot. Step back with left leg into a reverse lunge, keeping left knee 1 inch from the ground so that knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.

2. Hold the lunge for two seconds, then push off right heel to return to start position, balancing on your right foot and lifting left knee to hip level (arms by your side).

3. With chest lifted and right knee slightly bent, hinge forward with a flat back. Straighten and lift left leg behind you as you lower your upper body toward the floor. Once your upper body and left leg are parallel to the floor (or close to it), pull back up to start position. Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch sides.

BiTri Burpee

Trainer: @shauna_ harrison

Working out on a park bench, trying a new push-up variation, striking a yoga pose: Whatever it is that trainer Shauna Harrison challenges you to do will get you fit. Harrison, who’s also an adjunct associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, loves a blended workout, combining Pilates moves with her boot camp sessions and doing jumps or TRX during yoga. In other words, boredom is not an issue.

How to do the move: 

1. Start in a plank position with hands in line with shoulders and feet hip-width apart. With right hand, lift arm and drive elbow behind you, keeping your right arm close to your side (fist should be parallel to armpit). Straighten the bent elbow behind you, without allowing your upper arm to rise during the movement. Lower arm to floor, then repeat with the left side.

2. Hop or step your feet forward to the outside of your hands and raise chest so you're in a low squat.

3. While in squat position, bend elbows to chest, keeping palms facing each other (a hammer curl). Return hands to floor and hop or step feet back to plank position. Do 5 reps. Use 5- to 8-pound dumbbells for an extra challenge.

Inverted Leg Lifts

Trainer: @Erika_Boom

Combine a seriously tough flexibility coach with a you-can-do-it strength training instructor and you have Erika Boom—trainer, former triathlete, mom and the founder of Fit Mama.

How to do the move: 

1. Start with your hands and feet place on the ground, with your hips hinged up in the air (like you’re in downward facing dog). Holding abs tight, touch your knees to the ground, and return to starting position.

2. Touch your knees to the ground a second time, then as you return back to the starting position, raise your left foot in the air. Return to starting position, and repeat the entire move on your right side.

Squat and Curtsy Lunge Combo

Trainer: @MariaKangFitness

Maria Kang started a "no excuses" movement (and wrote The No More Excuses Diet) after a photo of her, her kids and her six-pack went viral. Now she regularly posts inspiring photos of other fit moms practicing what she preaches (check out more inspo @noexcusemoms). She also shows you how to bust out of a workout rut by putting a fresh spin on familiar exercises, whether that's having a push-up contest with your kid or using new equipment, like battle ropes or kettlebells.

How to do the move: 

1. Stand in a wide-legged squat, hands on hips. Jump into a curtsy lunge position, with right leg behind and to the left of your left foot.

2. Jump back to wide-legged squat, then to a curtsy lunge on your right side (with left leg behind). Repeat until you’ve done 10 times on each side.

Pike Push Ups

Trainer: @LaurenBoggi

If working out intimidates you, follow Lauren Boggi. On her LB Studio app, this mom of one teaches cheerleading-based cardio and sculpting workouts. Her daily moves typically feature a set of dumbbells, a resistance band or a mat.

How to do the move: 

1. Wear socks for this move and perform it on a smooth surface so you can easily slide feet back, creating a stability challenge. Start in plank position, with tops of feet on the ground.

2. Breathe in, press hands into floor and hinge at hips. Lift your hips up and slide your feet in toward your hands. Slide back to original position. Repeat 10 times.

Split Squat Jumps

Trainer: @linnlowes

Linn Lowes was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 26, and after going through surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, chose to dedicate her life to inspiring others to living healthy. You won’t find weight loss tips on her Instagram or YouTube channels, as the certified personal trainer focuses on gaining weight and muscle in a healthy way.

How to do the move: 

1. Stand two feet in front of a bench (facing away from it). Raise your left foot behind you, placing it top down onto the bench.

2. Pushing with your right heel, jump straight up, a few inches off the ground, and land in a lunge position. Continue for 20 seconds, switch legs and repeat.

Glute Step-Ups

Trainer: @emilyskyefit

Fitness mogul and new mom Emily Skye has helped more than 14 million women feel strong via her fitness, meal and meditation plans. In addition to her main channel, she also shares workout videos @emilyskyefit and beauty tips @emilyskyebeauty.

How to do the move:

1. Stand on a bench with feet hip distance apart. Bending your right knee to a 90-degree angle, touch your left foot to the ground, directly behind your right foot.

2. Push back up, and return to standing on bench, and repeat on the other side. Continue for 30 seconds.

Spider Plank Leap Squats

Trainer: @brittnebabe

With workouts you can do in the gym, on the beach, or in your living room, Brittne Jackson’s channel is full of high intensity interval training and strength exercises that will help you achieve your workout goals.

How to do the move:

1. Start in plank form, but with hands and feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Quickly pull your left knee toward your left elbow, then place back in starting position. Repeat on your right side.

2. Putting most of your weight into your hands, jump both of your feet forward directly behind your hands. Stand up, with knees still bent, jump forward, place hands back on the ground, and kick both feet back to starting position. Repeat entire move.

Drop Lunge with Rotation

Trainer: @natacha.oceane

While intense, international trainer Natacha Oceane’s HIIT and weight lifting workouts are still approachable for non-fitness junkies. Trying one of her strength workouts? Start with low-weight then add on more pounds once you’ve perfected the form. 

How to do the move:

1. Start standing with feet a couple inches apart. Jump your left foot back into a lunge position, then jump back to standing.

2. Repeat on right side and continue for 20 seconds.


Trainer: @sugarysixpack

Made popular by her at-home fitness routines and constant positivity, Niki Klasnic shows that a quick workout can be done anytime, anywhere (including your living room couch).

How to do the move:

1. Stand on right foot and bend knee slightly. Cross left leg behind and outside your right.

2. Push off your right foot and land on your left, with your right cross behind and outside. Continue hopping from side to side for 40 seconds. For a harder workout, place a band around your thighs.

Side Plank with Leg Lift

Trainer: @blogilates

With over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, Cassey Ho shares Pilates moves and body positive videos with the masses. Check out her feeds for tiny movements that’ll have your muscles burning.

How to do the move: 

1. Start in a side plank on your left side, keeping your abs flexed. Dip hips down and touch the floor, then return to side plank.

2. Bend your right knee in toward your chest, keeping the rest of your body still. Then return to side plank.

3. Dip hips down and back up, then raise left leg up in the air (keeping it straight and foot flexed). Repeat for one minute.