6 New Bottled Waters That Are Making a Splash

The latest H2Os are unlike any you’ve ever tasted.

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Säpp Birch Water


This “water” is sap from birch trees in the Ukrainian mountains and has 2.1 mg of bone-healthy manganese. Sapplife.co for stores, $3 to $4 for 300 mL

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Voss Flavored Sparkling Water


Clear glass styling pretty enough for your dinner table and unique flavors like tangerine lemongrass elevate this bubbly brand.Vosswater.com for stores, $2 for 375 mL

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Packed with aloe, electrolytes and vitamins, Detoxwater has 30 calories and 8 g of sugar per bottle and comes in a variety of flavors. Detoxwater.com for stores, $3 to $4 for 473 mL

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Hemp Rain

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Enriched with magnesium, this unique sip has hemp-derived phytocannabinoids (yes, the stuff in marijuana—but without THC, so there’s no high). Isodiol.com, $96 for a case of twenty-four 500 mL bottles

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Bai Antiwater


Fight free radicals with antioxidants. Each bottle has 45% of your daily recommended selenium intake. Target stores, $2 for 28.4 oz

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Fun bottles feature designs from up-and-coming artists, and a sports cap makes it a natural fit for your gym bag. Lifewtr.com for stores, $2 for 700 mL