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Amy Reinecke Before and After Solo

Photo courtesy of Amy Reinecke

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey: How One Woman Lost Over 100 Pounds

Determined to be a better role model for her two kids, blogger Amy Reinecke, 35, of Kansas City, Kansas, reveals how she ...

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Jeanne Erdmann and sister

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Illustration by Scott Bakal


Genetic Testing: The Story of You

Genetic tests offer a peek into every aspect of who you are. But can you handle the truth?

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Battle of the Bulge

Illustrations by Gretchen Röehrs

Weight Loss

Surprising Ways These Pros Slimmed Down

Six fitness and nutrition pros share their personal tips for fighting the battle of the bulge. (Bonus: You don’t have to ...

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Fitbit Aria 2 body composition scale

Photo courtesy of Fitbit

Weight Loss

How to Use a Body Composition Scale

Setting a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? Read this before you buy a trendy new body composition scale.

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Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Before and After 40

Stay slim and energized with our age-specific diet, exercise, sleep and tech recs.

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Jonna Gallo
keto meal with salmon and avocado

Photo by Marcus Nilsson


Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

A high-fat weight-loss plan built on beef, butter and cheese? Before you shout “Sign me up!” weigh the facts.

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products to care for winter skin

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TomTom Spark 3 Cardio



5 New Fitness Trackers to Help You Reach Your 2018 Goals

Fitness means more than counting steps. Hit all of your health goals with one of these new tricked-out trackers.

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Weight Loss

Weight-Loss Journey: How One Woman Lost 350 Pounds Through Diet and Exercise

Instagram weight-loss celebrity Jacqueline Adan, 30, of San Mateo, Calif., reveals the simple switch she made that helpe...

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Diet Tips

8 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working: How to Fix Your Weight Loss Mistakes

Chances are it's a small diet mistake that's stopping you from losing weight. We'll help you pinpoint what's setting you ...

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