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5 New Fitness Trackers to Help You Reach Your 2018 Goals

Fitness means more than counting steps. Hit all of your health goals with one of these new tricked-out trackers.

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Weight Loss

Weight-Loss Journey: How One Woman Lost 350 Pounds Through Diet and Exercise

Instagram weight-loss celebrity Jacqueline Adan, 30, of San Mateo, Calif., reveals the simple switch she made that helpe...

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Diet Tips

8 Reasons Your Diet Isn't Working: How to Fix Your Weight Loss Mistakes

Chances are it's a small diet mistake that's stopping you from losing weight. We'll help you pinpoint what's setting you ...

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You're Buying Sneakers All Wrong

You're buying sneakers all wrong. Chances are you’ve made at least one of these six mistakes when shopping for snea...

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The Diet That Could Save Your Life

Research-driven advice for a diet do-over that helps overcome three diseases.

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Weight Loss

Weight-Loss Journey: How One Woman Dropped 10 Dress Sizes Through Diet and Exercise

Fitness instructor Dawn Estelle Archer, 31, of Richmond, Va., reveals how she lost the weight and turned her life around...

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Weight Loss

Mom Fat-Shamed By Stranger at Grocery Store Asks for Respect in FB Post

In her viral Facebook post she asks that people treat each other better and with respect.

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Counting sheep



Try Getting Some Sleep With a Counting Sheep Video

Watching—and even counting—sheep really works when you need to get some sleep. Check out this video.

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Walk Off More Weight in Less Time

Making a few changes to your walking workout will send your body straight into fat-burning mode. "Varying what you ...

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