Learn about this condition which affects more than 24 million Americans and causes the body to have trouble turning sugar into energy. Read more about symptoms, diagnoses and treatment of type 1 (juvenile) and type 2 diabetes.

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Living with Diabetes: Four Women's Stories

Once you read these women's stories, you'll realize how much you don't know about a disease that strikes 29 million people in the U.S.
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9 Surprising Truths You Haven't Heard About Diabetes

Cutting-edge research and studies are changing how this disease (which strikes 29 million Americans) is classified, treated and prevented.
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The Diet That Could Save Your Life

Research-driven advice for a diet do-over that helps overcome three diseases.
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Our New Normal

Solving her son's medical mystery was just the first step. Coming to terms with the emotional fallout made up the rest of this mom's arduous journey.
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Fighting Diabetes as a Family

When her husband's chronic illness began to spiral out of control, author Carolyn Starks figured out how to help her children deal with their fear while getting her spouse the care he needed.
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Diabetes FAQ

24 million Americans have diabetes. The good news is it can be controlled. We've got the sound answers to all your questions.
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Celebrity Q+A: Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas sat down with Family Circle for an exclusive interview to discuss what it's like living with type 1 diabetes.
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The Hidden Epidemic: Diabetes

Could you or someone you love have diabetes? What you need to know about this often symptomless disease.
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