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4 Tips to Being a More Confident You

Being bold is a learned behavior, and the more you practice it, the more it shows up—in every area of your life.
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How to Say No to Mom Guilt

I know, perhaps as well as anyone, that for women with kids there is almost always a hidden dark side to accomplishment and drive, one that us moms don’t always talk about, but one that lurks around every corner of achievement in our lives. It's mom guilt.
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The (Online) Pursuit of Happiness

Seven surprising ideas I stumbled upon that will bring more joy to your life. 
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What’s Your Secret Power?

Ask yourself these 5 questions—and rediscover your passion.
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5 Simple Ways to Relax More

Live in the moment by following this zen advice (for you and your kids) from Gabrielle Bernstein, author of The Universe Has Your Back.
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Wake-Up Call: Energy Boosters to Power You Through Your Day

Add these science-backed energy boosters to your daily routine for a makeover that'll leave you super-charged from dawn to dusk.