Ask yourself these 5 questions—and rediscover your passion.

By Susie Moore

When was the last time you thought about who you are and what you really want? As a business and life coach, I’ve had clients tell me they actually never have. The immediate priorities of work, family and just trying not to fall behind on their Visa bill get in the way. Yet passions give our lives meaning and remind us that we’re more than our daily to-do list. Reconnect with what ignites you by grabbing a notepad, getting cozy in a quiet area of your home and seeing what bubbles up when you present yourself with these questions.

1. What was I like when I was a child?

Were you a leader, an inventor, a listener, an organizer, a nurturer? You’re the same person now. If you struggle with this question, ask a family member what they remember most about you. When I was a kid I was obsessed with reading nonfiction, writing and elevating the mood of people around me—basically my career now! If you could talk to your 10-year-old self, what might she encourage you to rediscover?

2. Which topic can I talk about for hours on end?

Perhaps it’s food, fashion, art, fitness or politics. What you love discussing deeply is a solid indicator of what makes you feel vibrant, connected and energized.

3. If you asked my best friend what I’m awesome at, she would say. . .?

Consider what people seek you out for and the problems you help solve. Not only is this an area where you’ll feel confident and competent, but it might also be a potential moneymaker. From résumé writing to matchmaking to teaching a Saturday Spin class, your natural strengths can become gratifying and profitable side hustles in a few hours a week.

4. What hobbies do I squeeze in—even when there’s no time?

When you’re meant to be polishing a PowerPoint presentation or folding laundry and get distracted, what are you doing instead? An accountant client of mine creates beauty products in her kitchen using organic ingredients. I’ve been a beneficiary of her hobby, receiving dry shampoo, a face mask, a body scrub. I always smile when my phone buzzes with a text announcing, “Your next sample’s ready, Susie! Now back to finances.” Explore your go-to hobby.

5. Is there something you always say you’ll do one day?

If money and time were no issue, what would you be pursuing? What have you promised yourself you’ll explore in the future—writing a novel, planning events, kick-starting a jewelry business? You’d be surprised at what you can begin—right now.



Susie Moore is a business and life coach, as well as the author of What If It Does Work Out? Learn more at

What gives you life? Probably not work. Only 32% of adult employees in the U.S. are motivated at and invested in their jobs. —Gallup poll