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Coping with a Child's Mental Illness

One family's struggle to fight stigma, wrestle with guilt and battle for access to the medical care their son desperately needed. 
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Food Fright

Kids' out-of-control eating: what's behind it, how to talk about it, and when and where to get help. 
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Two Steps to Practicing Forgiveness

Today's challenge for Sunday, March 13: Forgive someone. Whether another person wronged you or you need to absolve yourself, Dr. Janet Taylor explains how to let go.
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5 Ways to Pump Up Your Produce

Today's challenge for Saturday, March 12: Reconsider cans. Subbing canned fruits and veggies (which may be cheaper and last longer) for the fresh kind is just one of several strategies to increase your produce consumption. Here are more!
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7 Recipes for Getting More Fruits and Veggies

Today’s challenge for Wednesday, March 9: Eat your way to optimism. Discover one of science’s secrets to a sunny disposition.
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The #1 Reason Even 5-Minute Workouts Work

Give us five minutes. Even quickie exercise routines can boost your health.
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Why You Need More Sleep Tonight

Today’s challenge for March 3: Sleep tight. Skimping on zzz’s ruins more than just your energy level.