1 Wellness Challenge, 14 Days, 100% New You

See how small changes can add up to healthy rewards—in just two weeks—with our wellness challenge.

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Tuesday, March 1


Drink Differently: Not only does staying hydrated help prevent headaches and beat fatigue—it can even aid weight loss. To whittle your waist, research says to drink 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before your three main meals. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a pic of your bottle, mug or glass of H20.


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Wednesday, March 2


Calm a Commute: Traffic delays and unruly passengers can make getting to work rough. So try to turn the tables today. Create a peaceful playlist to bring tranquillity to your train ride, or sniff an essential oil (like lavender) en route to decrease stress. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a pic of how you relaxed your ride today.

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Thursday, March 3


Sleep Tight: Keeping a gratitude journal not only improves sleep quality but can also reduce diastolic blood pressure. Before you hit the pillow tonight, jot down three positives from your day that you're thankful for. Find out more here. 

Show & Tell: Post a photo of your gratitude list.

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Friday, March 4


Please Picky Palates: Tired of trying to tempt your kids' temperamental taste buds with healthy foods? The trick is to make them part of the planning and food prep process. If they're not up to chopping and cooking, have them get hands-on by helping rinse, rip and tear produce, suggests registered dietitian Amaris Bradley at Partnership for a Healthier America. Find out more here

Show & Tell: Tweet us tips to get kids to work in the kitchen.

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Saturday, March 5


Take It Outside: Avoid the same old scenery on gym equipment by getting your steps in outdoors. Not only are the routes endless, but research shows that just 5 minutes of exercising in nature can boost your mood as well as your self-esteem. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a Nat-Geo-worthy shot of an outdoor stroll.

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Sunday, March 6


Steep Smarter: How you brew your tea determines just how big a health boost your cup provides. White tea lovers should look to longer infusions (there's no limit) to unlock its antioxidant properties. Black tea is best steeped in hot water for as little time as possible to preserve its antioxidants. Green tea, surprisingly, should be cold brewed for at least two hours. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a pic of your favorite type of tea and tell us how you flavor it.

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Monday, March 7


Take a Stand: Desk jobs and TV time are just a few reasons we sit so much. But data shows that women who spend at least a quarter of their day on their feet are less likely to carry around excess pounds. "Being upright may naturally encourage more movement and burn more calories," says Amaris Bradley, RD, at Partnership for a Healthier America. Keep track of how much time you spend on your feet today. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a selfie of your shoes while standing.

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Tuesday, March 8


Give Us Five: Move over, seven-minute workout. Celebrity trainer David Kirsch, author of Ultimate Family Wellness, says five will do. Visit familycircle.com/5minutes to see his high-intensity interval training plan, or follow your own plan for squeezing a lot of fitness into a little bit of time. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Show us a post-workout glow selfie.

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Wednesday, March 9


Eat Your Way to Optimism: Who knew the path to an upbeat mood could be sitting on your plate? Consuming carotenoids, a form of antioxidants found in spinach, carrots, tomatoes, kale and sweet potatoes, is associated with a more positive outlook, says a recent study. Just what the, well, therapist ordered. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a pic of the beta carotene–rich food you're eating today.

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Thursday, March 10


Lighten Up: "Starting your day watching as little as three minutes of sad, depressing or disturbing news can lead to a 27% higher likelihood of having an unhappy day," says researcher Michelle Gielan, founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research. Instead, set your day up for success with inspirational podcasts, upbeat music or home improvement shows. "That primes your brain to be positive." Find out more

Show & Tell: Tell us what you're watching/listening to this a.m.

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Friday, March 11


Audition a Diet: Test-drive a new-to-you menu for just one day. Not sure where to begin? Veganism can help you shed weight faster than a diet that allows meat, a Mediterranean meal plan can lower your risk of diabetes, and a day of eating clean could make you feel great. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a pic of your lunch and the type of diet you're testing today.

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Saturday, March 12


Reconsider Cans: Eating fruits and veggies doesn't have to take a big bite out of your budget. Try subbing less expensive canned versions for fresh. Adults consume more vegetables and fruits at meals when including canned varieties in their diet, says a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Snap your grocery cart, pantry or freezer filled with fruits and veggies.

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Sunday, March 13


Forgive Someone: If a person has wronged you—in the past or even on line at the grocery store today—write a letter that you never send or just say a silent wish to let go of your anger toward them. A study found that women who forgive others are less likely to be depressed. Research also shows making amends and forgiving yourself for committing a wrong can improve your immune system and fight anxiety. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post an anonymous note forgiving someone.

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Monday, March 14


Get Super Rich: Experiment with a superfood that's new to you. Sprinkle seaweed spirulina, which is packed with protein, in your smoothie. Punch up a veggie stir-fry with the Ethiopian gluten-free grain teff. It's loaded with calcium and protein and is a bargain at around 20 cents per ounce. Or use 1 tablespoon of calcium-rich chia seeds as a salad topper. Find out more here.

Show & Tell: Post a photo of your new favorite superfood.

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