Today's challenge for Saturday, March 12: Reconsider cans. Subbing canned fruits and veggies (which may be cheaper and last longer) for the fresh kind is just one of several strategies to increase your produce consumption. Here are more!

By Lynya Floyd and Gina Roberts-Grey

It’s tempting to be swept up by the latest diet fad you hear about on television, but if you’re interested in eating more healthfully, start with the basics by making sure you’re eating enough produce. First, consider quantity and take a look at exactly how much fruit and how many vegetables should be making their way onto your plate at Then try these strategies for boosting your intake.

1. Think in broad strokes.

While you might focus on simply getting in your greens, it’s important to think about all the colors of the produce mosaic to maximize your health benefits. From red cherries to orange sweet potatoes to purplish blueberries, indulge in the entire rainbow and beyond (hello, blackberries and mushrooms).

2. Shop outside the box.

Tempt your kids' taste buds (and perhaps even your own) by selecting fruits and vegetables that stray from conventional colors. Pastel-hued multicolor cauliflower, rainbow carrots or purple potatoes may be more inviting than their more traditional cousins.

3. Choose wisely.

Browning or bitter produce isn’t going to make you want to dig in. So learn how to select the best of the bunch at your grocery store. For example, did you know that cantaloupes should smell sweet and have a little bit of give when you touch them? Or that the heavier an orange is, the more juice it will yield? Pick up some tips for scrutinizing your store’s fruit and veggie selection here.

4. Save money.

Eating fruits and veggies doesn’t have to take a big bite out of your budget. Try subbing less expensive canned and frozen versions for fresh. Adults consume more vegetables and fruits at meals when including canned varieties in their diet, says a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

5. Work them in everywhere.

Need some ideas for sneaking more servings of fruits and veggies into each and every meal? Try these tips that pack in the produce from breakfast to dinner.

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