Today's challenge for March 6: Steep smarter. Tea doesn’t just taste great—with proper preparation and selection, it can also improve your health.

By Mallory Creveling

Consider tea your go-to feel-better beverage. Drinking these natural brews can do wonders for your wellness. Studies have revealed that:

1. Green tea can give your short-term memory a boost.

2. A cup of chamomile eases cold symptoms and menstrual cramps.

3. Flavonoids in most tea blends decrease the risk of ovarian cancer.

4. You can kick your metabolism into high gear with green brews or matcha.

5. Black tea helps you fight off illness by supporting your immune system.

New research also shows that how you brew your tea determines just how big an antioxidant boost your cup provides. For example, white tea lovers should look to longer infusions, and black tea is best steeped in hot water for as little time as possible.

While research continues to expand, companies also continue to grow their lists of oh-so-delicious products. Check out some of our favorite new flavors:

Best of Black: David’s Tea’s nutty and creamy combo, Pistachio Ice Cream, will satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories.

Green Goddess: Pique Mint Sencha Organic Green Tea comes in crystal form, so it simply dissolves in hot water, plus it tastes great post-lunch.

White Hot: Teavana’s Defense Wellness Tea bursts with citrus and spices to kick up your immunity.

All-Natural Herbal: Traditional Medicinals’ Roasted Dandelion Root has a strong somewhat coffee-like taste and is meant to support digestive health.

Family Circle tapped the Partnership for a Healthier America to help bring you this easy—and fun—wellness challenge. Post a picture of your favorite type of tea and tell us how you flavor it today, March 6, 2016, on our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds with the hashtag #14DayChallenge and you could win a prize! No purchase necessary. Open to legal U.S. residents, 18+. See rules for complete details.