Give us five minutes. Even quickie exercise routines can boost your health.

By Lynya Floyd and Gina Roberts Grey

Move over, seven-minute workout. Trainer David Kirsch, author of David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness says you can actually take it down to just five minutes. The secret? High-intensity interval training (HIIT). You’ll get your heart racing and body sweating in less time than it takes to get breakfast on the table. “My five-minute workout is great because it’s excuse-proof,” explains Kirsch, a single dad with twin daughters. “Everyone can spare five minutes in the morning to charge up for the day, recharge midday or decompress at the end of the day.” And if you’re feeling pumped after those 300 seconds are up, you can always do a bit more.

* If you’ve got a little extra time, consider one of these 20-minute busy woman’s Workouts.

* If you strive for five, Kirsch’s plank workout will get you in shape.

* If you haven’t even got five minutes, go for four with these moves from Chris and Heidi Powell.

Whichever you choose, don’t make those workout minutes the only ones you spend thinking about staying fit. “The key to being healthy is knowing that wellness is a lifestyle—not just one moment in the day,” explains Kirsch. “Every part of the day should embrace well-being, whether you’re doing an express workout, power walking to work or making a really healthy meal for yourself and your family.”

Family Circle tapped the Partnership for a Healthier America to help bring you this easy—and fun—wellness challenge.

Photo Credit: Cultura/Line Klein/Getty