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Join the Rebucci family on their 12-month journey to a better lifestyle. Each week dad Marc and mom Lisa share their family of four's successes and struggles on the path to improved nutrition and fitness.

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Lifting Weights at the Gym


By Lisa Rebucci

I've been working out twice a week with Marie at Gold's Gym. It is a tough one-hour workout that consists of lifting weights. My heart rate goes through the roof while we are working out together.

I know I need to add more cardio but I have very little desire to go to the gym an extra three days a week.

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When It's Cold Outside, It's Chili Time


By Lisa Rebucci

Last night, I made the recipe that Jackie gave us for Smoky Chipotle Bean and Turkey Chili.

It was very good; however, we weren't able to find chipotle chili powder. I also was low on regular chili powder so I did not have a full 1/4 cup.

I added cinnamon, white kidney beans, and sweet red pepper.

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Super Bowl Sunday: Better Than I Thought


By Marc Rebucci

I actually didn't eat as unhealthy as I thought I would.

Lisa and I had a late lunch so when we got to the party we were still full—granted that didn't stop me from a few wings and blue cheese.

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Chili: A Family Favorite


By Lisa Rebucci

Yesterday, I made the Family Circle traditional beef and bean chili from the February issue.

I tried to lighten it up by draining the beef in a colander after it was cooked and topping it with low-fat sour cream. The boys loved it and so did I...

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Spice It Up for Flavor


By Marc Rebucci

My wife and I were never big spice users, other than salt and pepper. Sure, we would use parsley, sage, and mints to add flavor, but we considered them more herbs. Cutting out the salt was key for me in eating healthier. But my fear was that the food would be bland or boring tasting.

Not so. Now we add flavor with cinnamon, onion powder, old bay seasoning, and garlic powder to soups, fish, and meat.

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The Boys Did Not Like It...


By Lisa Rebucci

Last week, for the second time, I made the low-fat meatloaf recipe that was given to me by Family Circle. For some reason this time around the boys did not like it.

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Starting the Day Right with Healthy Eating


By Marc Rebucci

If I have protein in the morning—egg whites, a couple slices of turkey bacon, and wheat toast—I find myself not starving by 10:30 a.m. I add a piece of fruit or Chobani Yogurt and I feel satisfied until 1 p.m.

But if I have oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, by 10 a.m., I'm frantic for something to eat and that hunger never seems to leave me all day.

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Enjoying Slow-Cooker Meals


By Lisa Rebucci

Did lots of cooking over the weekend—all my recipes came from the February issue of Family Circle.

I made the Sweet Spiced Short Ribs over brown rice with broccoli for the family in the slow cooker. Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal because it had lots of flavor. I kept it healthy by trimming up the meat and controlling the portion size on the plate.

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Weight-Loss Plateau


By Marc Rebucci

When you change your diet and step up cardio, the weight drops right off fast and boy is that encouraging and motivating!!!

Well, that period is over and now I'm frustrated—but still motivated.

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New Year's Resolutions


By Lisa Rebucci

I'm trying to stick with my resolution to drink more water, exercise, AND not stress out so much if I drop the ball somewhere in my life. I want eating healthier and exercising more to feel natural and not another job.

I'm trying to take this one day at a time.

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Challenges of Eating Out


By Marc Rebucci

I knew when I signed up for the FC Healthy Family 2011, eating lunch out with clients would challenge me eating healthier. I LOVE BREAD and have not been able to exhibit self-control in the past.

Well, today the challenge wasn't bread but rather homemade potato chips.

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Post Family Weight Gain


By Lisa Rebucci

The holidays are always a tough time of year. I find that if I allow myself some extra sweets, it throws me off my healthy eating plan completely.

I'm getting back to having a Chobani yogurt in the morning with some granola and pumpkin seeds added in for an extra crunch.

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Christmas with Wine, Food, and Song


By Marc Rebucci

To keep my sanity, the Rebuccis put healthy eating on the back burner for Christmas Day. Not only was it Christmas Day but Nana's 80th birthday so the family celebrated in Russian style (Nana is Russian).

Lisa made homemade potato pancakes and you can't enjoy a potato pancake without sour cream (sorry Jackie and Regina—it wasn't low-fat).

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Let Them Eat Soup...

Pasta Fagioli Soup
Makes 8
Prep 15 m
Cook 16 m

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Working Out with a Friend


By Marc Rebucci

Here I thought I was fit. Today I worked out with a buddy who put me through his "routine" of working with heavy ropes, kettle balls, medicine ball, and bands. After 30 minutes, I was spent.

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How I'm Cheating Sweets


By Lisa Rebucci

Lately, instead of having cookies with my afternoon tea, I've been cutting up a navel orange (very good this time of year) and drink either Earl Grey or a decaf mint tea. The orange helps the sweet tooth and the tea fills me up.

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Resisting the Urge for Christmas Cookies


By Marc Rebucci

Even though I don't crave sweets, it's hard resisting the many varieties of Christmas cookies. How do I resist? A Chobani Wild Berry or Honey Vanilla Yogurt or Anna's Lemon Flavored Thins does the trick.

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A Salad with Substance


By Lisa Rebucci

My sister shared a great salad recipe with me the other day. I'll be making it for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (also just made for a party while watching the Jets beat the Steelers).

It has mixed greens, dried cranberries, toasted walnut halves, and goat cheese in it which adds so much flavor!

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Tis the Season...


By Marc Rebucci

With the second round of holidays upon us, Lisa and I are really trying to watch the sweet treats and "wasted" calories from drinking. Trust us, we want to enjoy the holidays with friends and family—the sweets and cheer—so we are back to writing down our food consumption. Knowing that we are writing it down makes us think before we eat, especially when we know we have a holiday party coming up.

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I Think Before I Eat


By Lisa Rebucci

Every morning, I have a saying in my head that goes like this—"If it were easy, everyone would be skinny." So, my day begins with fat-free half-and-half and a low-cal sweetener in my coffee. Following this, I usually have oatmeal or fruit. I must admit, I wake up feeling not as tired or sluggish. I was on sugar overload. I had so much sugar in my diet, I could have filled the interior of my house up with all the white stuff.

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Our First Challenge: Thanksgiving


By Marc Rebucci

Over the course of 2011 you will get to know me and my family—my wife Lisa and sons Jack and Kyle—and how we are set on eating and living healthier with the help and support of Family Circle.

By this I don't mean exercising for a month or being a slave to an unworkable and unrealistic diet: it's a commitment to feel better by eating healthier versions of the meals we enjoy. This commitment is to start on January 1 and puts new meaning to HAPPY NEW YEAR, but we wanted to start a little early—and what better test of this new philosophy than Thanksgiving.

We didn't host but where asked to bring dessert—oh, the cruelty of relatives!

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