Our best exercise tips and tricks, from sneaking in exercise to managing muscle pain.

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Tempted to Skip Exercise? Read This First

Pros reveal how they get themselves to exercise, even when they don't feel like it. Fit-spiration at its finest!
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The Best Virtual Trainer for You

Meet your next virtual trainer! These cardio-complementing workouts will help you excel at running, cycling and swimming.
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Your Instant Exercise Inspiration—Found!

Fitness tips and tricks that will get you excited about getting healthy.
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Favorite Fitness Trackers Put to the Test

Step up your workout with one of these seven staffer-tested fitness trackers.
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Finally Get in Shape with Our Fitness Personality Quiz

Customize a diet and workout plan to suit your unique lifestyle. Take our fitness personality quiz now!
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Dance Workouts You and Your Family Will Love

Have fun moving to the beat and torching tons of calories. It's the perfect weekend workout.
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How to Stick to Exercise

Starting an exercise program is easy. It's the follow-through that gets dicey: Research shows that most people quit working out in less than six months. Use these scientifically proven strategies to fail-proof your fitness plan.