The Best Virtual Trainer for You

Meet your next virtual trainer! These cardio-complementing workouts will help you excel at running, cycling and swimming.

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Basic Training Jessica Smith's DVD Walk On: 6 Mile Mix gets your heart pumping and muscles burning with six routines (all 15 minutes or less) that strengthen your body and improve agility, making clocking miles a breeze., $15

Setting the Tone To run long and strong, you need a fit body—that's where FitStar Personal Trainer's "Race Day Ready" comes in. You'll spend 23 minutes sculpting your upper and lower body, as well as your core, while burning nearly 250 calories., free

Getting Loose Give your muscles some TLC and sidestep future injuries with "Grid Total Body Roll Out" on Booya Fitness. It's perfect for massaging sore spots after pounding the pavement—all you need is a foam roller., $10/month

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Basic Training Swimmers need proper body alignment to move swiftly in H2O, and that requires a strong core. Thankfully, Cassey Ho of the Blogilates YouTube channel has tons of ab-defining, posture-correcting videos, like "8 Min Abs & Obliques Workout! Swimsuit Slimdown Series.", free

Setting the Tone Fire up your core, biceps, triceps and shoulders with Brookelyn Suddell's "Arms & Core" workout on Crunch Live. This virtual trainer takes only 30 minutes to build muscles that make you faster in the water., $10/month

Getting Loose Relieve post-swim stress and aches with Dashama Gordon's The Prasha Method by Dashama: Chi Flow Vinyasa yoga DVD. It also incorporates tai chi to up the toning benefits and get you balanced., $13, or stream on, $10/month

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Basic Training Katyic Bowman's Nutritious Movement for a Healthy Pelvis DVD targets hip range of motion and backside tone, both of which can decrease from lots of sitting in a saddle., $20

Setting the Tone Build your lower half so you have more drive on a two-wheeler with Gregg Cook's "365 Power Generator" on Daily Burn. You'll also improve hip and spine mobility for easier pedaling., $13/month

Getting Loose Follow barre basics during Exhale's Core Fusion virtual class on Sparkpeople. This virtual trainer will help counter the hunched-over posture you experience while spinning, plus you'll stretch tight hip flexors and toughen your glutes—both crucial for power on a bike., free