48 Great Hydration Tips

No matter when, where, or how you're exercising, it's important to drink plenty of water during your workouts and all day long. Here, members of our social network Momster.com share their very best strategies for drinking up and staying hydrated.

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Infuse Water with Fresh Fruit


"In the morning I fill a pitcher with filtered water and flavor it with lemon slices, orange slices, berries, or cucumber slices. It is so refreshing and tastes great—even my daughter asks for a glass." —1mama23

"I'm not a fan of water, so I make what my daughter calls 'fake lemonade.' I put ice and filtered water in a glass with lemon juice and a packet of Sweet-N-Low. It is cheaper than Crystal Light and has a great lemon flavor with a hint of something sweet to curb my cravings!" —MsVicki

"I slice up fresh fruit and put it in the bottom of my glass, with ice on top. My goal is to drink it all to get the reward of fruit on the bottom. My kids love to do it, too. I also freeze fruit into ice cubes and add them to water." —caseyinaz

"I love citrus fruits or cucumber in my water, but my favorite way to flavor it is with fresh herbs! I'll crush a little bit of rosemary, basil, or mint and just drop it into a pitcher of water. I strain the water before drinking and can't stop sipping all day!" —CHart1001

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Flavor Water with Other Products


"I fill a glass two-thirds or halfway with water and the rest V8 Fusion. You can do this with any fruit juice." —zeus

"Liquid Stevia (Sweetleaf) comes in several different flavors. My kids like the root beer and I like the vanilla cream. A little goes a long way and now my children and I are drinking more water." —momof3boyz1girl

"I like to make triple-strength Crystal Light into ice cubes. When I put them in my water bottle, I can keep refilling the water, and as the cubes melt, they make enough Crystal Light for 3 bottles instead of one! It's a huge time saver!" —holmesj

"I find myself drinking a lot of water when I add fresh lemon slices. One of my other favorites is adding a packet of Emergen-C Tangerine (vitamin boost and flavor)! Delicious!" —NorcalNanny

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Reward Yourself


"I fill a water jug in the morning and put a little lemon and Splenda in it. I keep it on my desk to remind myself to drink throughout the day. I try to drink half a jug by midday. If I complete the whole jug, I put a star on my calendar. At the end of the month, if I have twenty stars, then I reward myself with a new book." —fergusoncd540

"During winter, I drink a lot of hot drinks: coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. To make sure I drink enough water, I fill a bottle with cold water. After I finish it, I reward myself with something hot to drink." —LoriAnn

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Schedule Sips


"If I'm having a crazy day, I set my iPhone alarm for every hour. I stop what I'm doing and drink an eight-ounce glass of water. I do this for an eight-hour day."—Brens1866

"I'm a teacher, so I drink a cup of water between each class period. That way I know I get at least eight cups each day." —Thweatt

"I have a timer on my watch and I set it to go off at the top of every hour, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. I carry eight-ounce bottles of water in my purse and car. Wherever I am when the timer goes off, I drink a bottle of water. This also encourages me NOT to drink other drinks until I have consumed the whole day's water requirement!"—chervil 2

"I fill my coffee mug with water each hour on the hour while working. Not only do I get eight servings of water a day, I also get to stretch and rest my eyes from the computer!" —CjsMom

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Track Water Intake


"I put six rubber bands around my water bottle in the morning. At each refill, I remove a band. By the end of the day I can tell if I've had my six refills. I know it's not the 'daily requirement,' but for this former non-water drinker, it sure helps me keep track or see if I'm not." —kdcsmom

"I keep two small cups on top of the water cooler. One cup starts with 12 pennies in the morning. Each time I fill a cup, I remove a penny from one cup and put it in the other. At the end of the day, I can see how much water I drank." —Rea

"I put 4 rubber bands around my 16-ounce water bottle. Every time I finish a bottle, I remove 1 rubber band." —mcgovern

"In the fridge, I have four water bottles with my name on them. When I finish one, I put it in the sink and start another. I refill them all at night and start again in the morning." —twinsmom

"I put eight cute bracelets on one wrist. Every time I finish a glass of water, I put one on the other wrist. By the end of the day, the bracelets have gone from my left to right wrist." —isabellmonroe

"I have a big pitcher in my fridge marked, 'Mom's Daily Water.' If it's empty by the time I go to bed, then I will have accomplished my water goal for the day." —WriterMama

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More Ways to Track Water Intake


"I have a liter bottle and three 20-ounce bottles that I fill with well water. I carry a bottle of water around the house with me and keep drinking it during the day. I also take the liter one to work. When I have finished all of them, I know I have had a great amount of water for the day." —Stage

"I fill gallon-sized jugs of water a few times a week and keep them around the house. Each day I start a new jug of water to be sure I drink the whole gallon before the day is over." —appletots

"Every day, I put an eight-ounce bottle of water in every room of my house or anywhere I know I will be throughout the day—bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, front porch, back porch, car, garage. That way, I can see how many cups of water I have had throughout the day. At the end of the evening, I gather, refill, and place them in the refrigerator for the following day." —natmonet

"The Thermos Intak has a rubber ring around the neck that you can dial between 1 and 6 to track how many times you have refilled it throughout the day." —Maureen721

"Drink eight glasses of water a day by using three different containers—a mug for hot water at least three times a day, a tall glass filled four times a day, and a glass by your bedside." —3boysmom

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Make Hydration a Habit


"I leave an eight-ounce measuring cup in my refrigerator. Every time I open it, I have to drink a cup. It adds up quickly!" —Mistriz

"Work strategy: When waiting for a page to load or document to open, I grab my water and drink until it happens. Try it." —Stefshoe

"I have a nine-ounce cup in the bathroom. Any time I walk in there, I fill the cup and drink it. The more I drink, the more often I visit the room." —briarose

"I found that I drink a larger quantity of water if I place two straws in a glass of water and leave it on the counter. Every time I walk by, I take a quick sip! I add a lemon wedge for an extra twist." —CJ2010

"I keep a glass by the kitchen sink. Every time I wash something, I drink a glass of water. It's become such a habit that I don't even know I'm doing it!" —mommiffer

"As soon as I wake up, I drink eight to 10 ounces of water. Then, I start every snack and meal with another eight to 10 ounces. I work in a bit more by drinking a cup of water when I take my daily medication and brush my teeth. And of course, I keep a bottle close for sipping through the day." —Murphy

"All the glasses in my house have measurements and I make it a point to drink 200ml of water before every meal. I drink another 200ml of water after (or sometimes during) a meal, too." —1nshallah

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Work Up a Thirst


"I use an MP3 player while I'm exercising. After every song ends, I take a drink of water. By the end of a 30-minute workout, I've listened to roughly 12 songs and finished a 16-ounce bottle of water." —MsP

"I go to boot-camp class! You can't help but drink about a gallon of water during and after class since it's so demanding physically." —marsmci

"I got the Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. I start my workout with about 16 ounces of water. I end my workout with about 30 minutes of aerobics and my water bottle is empty by the time I'm done." —momblythe

"The night before going out for a walk or jog, freeze a large, eco-friendly aluminum water bottle more than halfway with water. Once the water is frozen, fill the rest of the bottle with cold water. That way, you have a cold drink on hand for a couple hours while you exercise." —bluberri

"When I go to the gym, I take one large and one smaller bottle. I find that if they are in front of me while I exercise, I drink. Afterwards, I refill the larger bottle and drink it on the drive home!" —victoriat

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Purchase Hydration Accessories


"I love to shop thrift stores, so I bought a pretty glass pitcher with a matching glass. Each day, I fill the pitcher with water and use my glass to down the day's ration. It not only helps to see the pitcher empty, but the glass makes each drink elegant and special!" —Grandy3

"We purchased a PUR water filter system that attaches to the faucet. I made a personal rule that if I go into the kitchen, I must grab a glass and enjoy a glass of freshly filtered water!" —denny4

"I got a filter for my sink and a quart-sized container. Before I go out the door in the morning, I fill the container and have it available for the better part of the work day." —zzzina

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Set a Good Example for the Kids


"My children never want to drink anything while at home, but the moment we walk out the door, they are THIRSTY! I always put several water bottles in a small portable cooler and bring it wherever we go. No need to stop for drinks or buy them in the store while shopping!" —lucky1

"When filling the refrigerator with the family's favorite drinks, I put Cokes in the very back and water bottles up front. It's much easier to grab a bottle of water from the front than bend and stretch all the way to the back for a Coke! Sneaky trick, but it works!" —homeschoolmom1

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Change the Water Temperature


"Wisconsin winters are cold and I needed something to warm me up and help me hydrate. My solution: water and one teaspoon of honey in a gas station coffee mug." —LeeAnn1

"I've found that keeping my water at room temperature rather than ice cold helps me drink more at a time." —savershan

"When I get up in the morning, I fill a saucepan with water and put it on the stove. After it boils, I fill my pretty, porcelain tea kettle with the water and steep three herbal tea bags. In about five minutes, I sit down with a hot cup of tea. I keep the kettle on the stove all day, and usually have another hot cup of tea or two later by heating it up in the microwave. For dinner I pour the remaining tea into a glass and add ice cubes for a refreshing glass of iced tea." —Calilee

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Other Great Ways to Stay Hydrated


"You can hydrate with veggies too. Jicama sticks and red, yellow, or orange bell pepper strips are good and help keep you full, too. I keep baggies of these and cucumbers within reach throughout the day." —MamaDof3

"I drink mineral water with bubbles like Calistoga or Crystal Geyser. They have no calories, a little bit of flavor, and are less boring than regular water. Easy to stay hydrated this way!" —sophsterm

"When I feel hungry between meals or just want to snack for the sake of snacking, I drink water. It turns out that my body is often just thirsty, not hungry." —MomsterMonika

Originally published on FamilyCircle.com in June 2010.