Fitness tips and tricks that will get you excited about getting healthy.

By Mallory Creveling

Summer is the perfect time to jump into a steady exercise routine or to change up your current workout schedule. A foolproof way to make it more fun: Take on a new sport. Whether you want to try running, swimming, biking or beyond, we've rounded up some top-notch inspiration—right on our Pinterest page. Three of our favorite fitness gurus curated boards filled with moves they love, gear they wear and meals that fuel them for hours. Here's a preview:

Whether you want to transition from walking to jogging or find the perfect pair of sneakers for hitting the trails, trainer Jessica Smith's board breaks down everything you need to know about running. She also gives you strength moves and stretches so you can pick up your pace sans injuries.

Yogi Dashama Gordon's board features tons of calming poses and sequences, some of which she does on a stand-up paddleboard. (SUP yoga, anyone?) She also shares swimming tips and healthy recipes for dishes like salads and smoothies.

Learn the secrets of cycling with pro biker Katie Holden's board, where you'll find items like her go-to shorts, jersey and bike rack, what encourages her to keep pedaling, and some of her favorite pre- and post-exercise snacks. She even shows some two-wheeler-inspired art and decor.