5 Easy Ways to Sneak In Exercise

Short on time? Don't fret. Just tie up your sneakers and get out there. Frequency and making walking a habit are what's important. Following our strategies below will help squeeze extra steps into your day.

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Make your trip to the mailbox a longer journey.


Never drive up to your box. Walk up the street past a few neighbors' driveways on the way to grab the mail and walk another five minutes before returning home.

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Every hour, get up and walk just three minutes.


Do this eight times a day, whether around your house or to visit colleagues in your office, and you'll be guaranteed 24 minutes of exercising.

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Walk during TV time.


Whenever you're watching television, walk during the commercials, even if that means just marching in place.

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Pace up and down.


While you're brushing your teeth, chatting on the telephone, or doing relatively sedentary activities that don't require much thought, pace around the room.

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Set your alarm earlier.


Set your alarm to go off 10 minutes earlier and leave a fresh pair of athletic socks on your night table. Getting into your gear is the first step to getting out the door.

Originally published in the May 2006 issue of Family Circle magazine.

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