Tempted to Skip Exercise? Read This First

Pros reveal how they get themselves to exercise, even when they don't feel like it. Fit-spiration at its finest!

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Put Pep in Your Step


"I get myself going with music. This is usually the 'make it or break it' before I actually walk out the door. Turn on a song that always pumps you up, get your jam blasting and sing and dance your way to the gym."—Brookelyn Suddell, Crunch Live trainer

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Get In a Zen Mind-Set


"The beauty of practicing yoga on a regular basis is that you'll start to crave it for its wonderful relaxing properties and the way you feel after a session—so remember that feeling."Ashleigh Sergeant, Grokker yoga expert

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Consider Your Family


"I have a wife and 6-year-old daughter and they depend on me. My health matters to them, so if I can't do it for myself, I do it for them."—Gregg Cook, Daily Burn 365 trainer and Schwinn master trainer

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Create a Go-To Routine


"Have some simple, short go-to workouts that you can do anywhere in a pinch."Dashama Gordon, 30-Day Yoga Challenge founder and Fit Fusion instructor

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Have a Support System


"I surround myself with people who motivate me to exercise, who challenge me and who make me better."Brandi Marino, Beyond Studios instructor and Booya Fitness trainer

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Know a Little Goes a Long Way


"Focus on the positive and remind yourself that even 10 minutes of movement is better than nothing."—Chelsea Streifeneder, Body Be Well Pilates owner and Booya Fitness trainer

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Get Your Groove On


"What motivates me is doing a workout that's fun and incorporates my daughter. For me, that's dancing! Even if it's just around the house, it's still a great way to get cardio in. It also teaches kids to make time for their health too."Keaira LaShae, BeFit instructor

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Just Enjoy It


"Most of us aren't inspired to exercise because we haven't found inspiring exercise! If you're trying to adhere to a fitness plan that's too extreme or has nothing to do with what you enjoy, it's going to be hard to stick with it. Find something fun and you'll keep going back."Jessica Smith, trainer, yogi and creator of JessicaSmithTV on YouTube