Need help getting a move on? Read these tips and get inspired.

By Jennifer R. Beck

8 Inspirational Tips from Readers to Get You Moving

  • Energy Boost. Around 4 p.m. every afternoon I hit a wall and really start to drag. That's when I head outside for an energizing 30-minute walk. Amazingly, it works much better than a hit of caffeine, and I'm refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.- Mary Kay Ballasiotes, Bolingbrook, Illinois
  • Sole Mate. Walking is a great way for my husband and me to stay close. We head out together every night — just the two of us. It gives us time to discuss important things one-on-one. Sometimes we even hold hands like we did when we were teenagers.- Tracie Walker, Fort Meyers, Florida
  • Pet Persuasion. My dog, Carly, gets me going. I can't be lazy when she's depending on me to take her out. My friend, who doesn't own a dog, even volunteers to walk pets at a local animal shelter. Both she and the dogs get some great exercise this way.- Heather Moore, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Guilty Pleasure. I love to read fiction. So I made a pact with myself — I'm allowed to read books only while walking on the treadmill. When I get to a good part in the story, I'm motivated to walk even longer.- Sarah DelliGatti, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Window Shopping. Our local mall is the perfect place for my walking workouts. I don't have to worry about navigating around tricky terrain, and it never rains indoors!- Joann Firsdon, Toledo, Ohio
  • Super Sneaks. Make sure to treat yourself to a good pair of walking shoes. I like Fila — they fit my wide feet perfectly, and the seamless toe helps me avoid blisters.- Ann Singer, Suffern, New York
  • Mission Accomplished. Every day I record in a journal how far I walked and how long it took me. The next day I look back and try to beat my previous record. It's great to see my progress, and it inspires me to do better next time.- Anna Victoria Reich, Stafford, Virginia
  • Pile It On. I always dress in layers so I'm prepared for whatever the weather may bring. That way I can never use the excuse that it's too hot or too cold out. I have to keep moving and get my walking done.- Florence Pangelinan, Pismo Beach, California

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the March 2007 issue of Family Circle magazine.