Have fun moving to the beat and torching tons of calories. It's the perfect weekend workout.

By Mallory Creveling

Nothing compares to a good old-fashioned family dance party! Rocking out to tunes in the living room always amps up mood, energy and calorie burn. So if you need an excuse to plan a jam session, put your party pants on this Saturday for National Dance Day. For some extra inspiration, we've rounded up fun routines on three fitness streaming sites. Get ready to shake and shimmy your way to a good time and—if you keep the exercise groove going through the summer—a slimmer body too.

Crunch Live ($10/month)

Have you ever dreamed of performing onstage? Then Broadway Dance is for you. The half-hour workout provides a glimpse into the choreography behind some big-time shows, like Dream Girls and Chicago, and it's complete with a kick line. If a club atmosphere is more your style—and you prefer advanced moves—follow Gospel House Aerobics. You’ll sync each hip-hop-esque step to the beat of house music for 30 minutes.

FitnessGlo ($12/month)

For the vibe of an aerobics class mixed with extra twists and turns, try the 45-minute Sweaty and Sassy video. You’ll have a blast following the energetic instructor through each fast-paced step. To get more in tune with your swagger, opt for Alex McLean’s Hip Hop ’Til You Drop. It’s a 30-minute class featuring lots of funky moves that requires a bit of skill to tackle.

Booya Fitness ($10/month)The Bollywood Workout—highlighting music and steps from India's exuberantly choreographed popular films—will have you shakin’ it for 32 minutes. It also incorporates some strength moves for extra toning. Enjoy grapevines, hip swings and tons of jumping across the floor? Join Erin Stutland, former pro dancer and creator of Shrink Session, for her 35-minute Signature Dance Cardio Workout.