Firm up fast with this essential exercise from YouTube star Tiffany Rothe.

By Lynya Floyd

Firm your arms, legs and core with holistic fitness coach Tiffany Rothe’s Towel Snap. You’ll feel the burn as this sculpting triple threat lengthens and strengthens your muscles—no extra equipment necessary. Plus, explains Rothe, “when your hands are above your head, your heart rate is elevated, boosting your overall calorie burn.”

Towel Snap

Start with feet together and knees slightly bent. Hold the ends of a small towel in each hand overhead, with palms facing forward while maintaining tension in the towel. Now lower your arms to chest level (keeping them straight) as you raise your right leg forward until the towel touches your shin. Do 30 reps, alternating sides, for a total of 3 sets.

Be sure to hike your knee past your belly button. “If you don’t get it high enough, you won’t feel the contraction in your abdominals,” says Rothe.

Pro tip: Target your abs even more by keeping them contracted and your pelvis tucked so that it’s slightly tilted up toward your ribcage.

Your Motivator

Tiffany Rothe is a holistic fitness coach, YouTube star and owner of the Tiffany Rothe Fit Club. Check out her 10-minute Booty Shaking Towel Workout, which has been viewed nearly 3 million times.