Make green smoothies your new morning habit to transform your health.

By Daley Quinn

At the beginning of October, when the leaves were turning orange and the air was growing crisp, I decided it was time for me to turn over a new leaf. I challenged myself to complete the 10-Day Kick-start from Simple Green Smoothies, and learned that visually unappealing green smoothies can actually taste really good. Not only did I bond with my blender, but I found four new reasons to stick with this habit.

  1. I got half of my recommended daily veggie intake before 10 a.m. I was truly amazed how quickly I consumed bags of leafy greens throughout this test. Every week, without fail, I used to watch my spinach turn into mush before I could eat it. Not this time!
  2. My intestines appreciated green smoothies. Without going all TMI, I was surprised at how these smoothies helped along bowel movements. No need for that daily cup of joe—slurp down a green smoothie instead.
  3. I gained morning clarity. There's nothing worse than commuting on an empty stomach. I'd had my fair share of headaches and exhaustion until I began drinking green smoothies. I found them easy to sip on the train, and started to notice how much clearer and more focused I was when I got to the office.
  4. Second helpings of dessert became less appealing. Gulping smoothies every day caused me to reconsider what I've been putting in my body. I avoided our sample table at work (usually piled with brownies, cookies and other sweets from our test kitchen) and opted for granola, nuts or an apple instead. And honestly, the Pink Flamingo smoothie was better than most desserts I've had!

Through my short but sweet (and certainly delicious!) challenge, I've learned that even small sips can lead to a big change. I hope to continue incorporating green smoothies into my diet, even if I can't make it a daily habit.

Meanwhile, if you overdo a bit on Thanksgiving, consider whipping up this undo-the-damage drink created by our friends at Simple Green Smoothies.

Holiday Overindulgence Green Smoothie


2 cups spinach

1 cup water

1 large orange, peeled

2 bananas, frozen

1/2 cup cranberries

1/2 inch fresh ginger


1. Blend spinach and water until smooth.

2. Add remaining ingredients and blend again.

Serves 2.

Photograph by Lindsey Johnson