Let your phone transform your walk into so much more with these must-tap apps.

By Kaitlyn Pirie

Charity Miles

(Android and iOS, free)

Do good for your body and everybody at the same time. For each mile of exercise you log, Charity Miles lets you earn money for your favorite nonprofit. Choose from among 40 different charities, including Partnership for a Healthier America.


(Android and iOS, free)

Create an instant support group by connecting with friends who use the app and cheering each other on with likes and comments when workouts are recorded. MapMyWalk also offers voice feedback about your pace, distance and more.


(Android and iOS, $2)

Get a security boost whenever you’re strolling solo. In the app, pick a person to be your safety contact. Before heading out for a walk, note where you’re going and what time you expect to return. If you don’t check back in by then, Tokn will notify your safety contact—even if your battery runs out or you lose cell service.

Treadmill Trails

(Android and iOS, 99¢ per video)

Instead of an armchair adventurer, be a treadmill traveler. Whether you’re craving a stroll along Kauai’s South Shore or a journey along the cobblestone streets of Montone, Italy, the dozens of 30-minute videos on this app will transport your mind from the ’mill to another corner of the world.

Bonus Instagram Inpo



“Me, doing what I love in one of the most beautiful places in the world:

Garie Beach in Royal National Park in Australia." —Tanya

Follow Australian fitness trainer Tanya Poppett’s Instagram account for a powerful reminder that exercise is a form of empowerment—not punishment. From her breathtakingly beautiful scenic shots to her high-energy workout videos, you’ll get the push you need to get up and out the door.