10 Walking Playlists from Today's Hottest Artists

Use hits from today's biggest stars to pump up your workout.

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Fast-paced with go-girl themes, Beyonce's songs will boost your pulse—and your motivation.

1. "Jumpin', Jumpin'"
2. "Survivor"
3. "Lose My Breath"
4. "Crazy in Love"
5. "Naughty Girl"
6. "Check on It"
7. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
8. "Ring the Alarm"

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Britney Spears


Let the pop princess move you with her rhythmic, catchy and undeniably fun hits.

1. "Circus"
2. "Womanizer"
3. "Outrageous"
4. "Toxic"
5. "Piece of Me"
6. "Gimme More"
7. "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
8. "Stronger"

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Lady Gaga


Pure pop music with dance beats and electronica undertones—Gaga's songs are sure to get you moving and singing along.

1. "Alejandro"
2. "Paparazzi"
3. "Born This Way"
4. "Just Dance"
5. "LoveGame"
6. "Bad Romance"
7. "Starstruck"
8. "Edge of Glory"

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Rock some lace gloves with your walking shoes (or not) and spend some quality exercise time with the Material Girl.

1. "Beautiful Stranger"
2. "Music"
3. "Material Girl"
4. "Vogue"
5. "Express Yourself"
6. "Hung Up"
7. "Open Your Heart"
8. "Lucky Star"

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Maroon 5


If you think these songs are great on the dance floor, try them on the treadmill. You'll move and groove at the same time.

1. "Wake Up Call"
2. "Misery"
3. "Harder to Breathe"
4. "Not Coming Home"
5. "Give a Little More"
6. "Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera)"
7. "Makes Me Wonder"
8. "If I Never See Your Face Again (feat. Rihanna)"

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3 Doors Down


The hard-rocking drums and guitar riffs are perfect for keeping your heart rate elevated.

1. "Kryptonite"
2. "It's Not Me"
3. "Ticket to Heaven"
4. "Duck and Run"
5. "I Feel You"
6. "Going Down in Flames"
7. "Let Me Go"
8. "When You're Young"
9. "Never Will I Break"
10. "It's Not My Time"

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You'll be so into the thumping beats that you won't notice the miles passing by.

1. "Shut Up and Drive"
2. "Pon de Replay"
3. "SOS"
4. "Break it Off"
5. "Rude Boy"
6. "Umbrella"
7. "Disturbia"
8. "Only Girl (In the World)"
9. "Who's That Chick?"

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The choice is yours: Use this playlist for gearing up or cooling down.

1. "Clocks"
2. "Talk"
3. "Speed of Sound"
4. "Don't Panic"
5. "Life in Technicolor II"
6. "Every Tear Drop Is a Waterfall"
7. "Lost"
8. "Fix You"

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Joss Stone


Her sultry style will put a swagger in your step as you cool down.

1. "Super-Duper Love (Are You Digging on Me)"
2. "Don't Start Lying to Me Now"
3. "Fell in Love with a Boy"
4. "Some Kind of Wonderful"
5. "Girl They Won't Believe It"
6. "Don't Cha Wanna Ride"
7. "Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now"
8. "Last One to Know"

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Top off your workout with Adele's bluesy tunes. The first three songs have upbeat tempos to ease your transition from more intense cardio.

1. "Rumour Has It"
2. "Rolling in the Deep"
3. "Set Fire to the Rain"
4. "Hometown Glory"
5. "Someone Like You"
6. "Right As Rain"
7. "Chasing Pavements"
8. "Turning Tables"

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