You'll love these easy-to-follow walking workouts from the Family Circle Walking Challenge.

Slim-Down Plans

Shed those last few pounds with these extra calorie-blasting and go-the-distance walks.

The "New to Exercise" Plan

This variety-packed plan includes inclines, intervals and activities of your choice. (Check out the next page for more beginner routines.)

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The "Take It Up a Notch" Plan

After a couple of months of training, you should be able to tackle this high-intensity workout. (Just starting out? Check out more "Take It Up a Notch" plans on the next few pages.)

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The "Time Crunched" Plan

You'll burn more calories and boost your endurance with the power intervals integrated into this plan.

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Web Exclusive Plans!

Check out these BONUS workouts for new ways to get fit.

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Get the bonus "Take It Up a Notch" plan

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High-Intensity Plans

Get fit with these high-intensity walking plans.

The "New-to-Exercise" Plan

New power walks make the beginner's workout even more exciting. (Check out the next page for more beginner routines.)

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The "Take It Up A Notch" Plan

You'll burn even more calories with the extra intervals in this plan.

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The "Time Crunched" Plan

Intensify gradually with two short workouts a day.

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