To burn more calories, steal these super-walkers' strategies.

By Jenna Autuori

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Rachel DeVaughn, 34, mom of two, Roanoke, Virginia

Average Daily Step Count: 9,000Motivation to Move: Losing weight to keep up with her 6- and 15-year-old boys.Biggest Obstacle: Her desk job.

Top Step Secrets

Walking DVDs: “At first I felt uncomfortable working out in public, so I used Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home DVD series to get in thousands of steps without leaving the house,” says Rachel. “Once I lost 80 pounds, I also began jogging and participating in road races.”

An Office Reorg: Moving her printer and fax machine away from her desk added 150 steps each time she used them. Plus, Rachel walks 10 minutes to pick up the office mail and treks around the parking lot, tacking on 900 more steps daily.

Bonding Time: A loop around the track at her youngest son’s school before he goes in for the day yields not just an extra 500 steps but also quality family time.

LaTrice Verrett, 48, mom of four, Doddtown, New Jersey

Average Daily Step Count: 14,000Motivation to Move: Staying healthy despite a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.Biggest Obstacle: “Not enough hours in the day!” says LaTrice. Personal time is rare with two teenagers and 12-year-old twins, a full-time job and a side venture.

Top Step Secrets

Daily Housework: LaTrice turns chores into cardio, making sure she washes and puts away a load of laundry (575 steps), vacuums one floor of her four-story home (450 steps) and empties all 12 garbage cans in her house (500 steps) every day.

A Converted Commute: Instead of taking the subway all the way to her office, she gets off half a mile before her destination so she can walk.

Must-See TV: If LaTrice hasn’t hit her goal by the end of the day, she’ll forgo the couch and watch Being Mary Jane or Scandal while on the treadmill. She picks up the pace during commercials, which boosts her fitness level.

Katherine Clary, 29, Bullhead City, Arizona

Average Daily Step Count: 25,000Motivation to Move: Getting pregnant. “After a few miscarriages, I knew that being overweight could be hurting my fertility,” she says.Biggest Obstacle: Feeling too tired to work out.

Top Step Secrets

The Fitbit Community: “I give myself a daily step goal and use the motivation from others in my Fitbit group to stay on the right path,” says Katherine. “The friends I’ve made give me exercise ideas, like walking to and from my gym (4 miles total) instead of driving, for 8,000 extra steps.”

Pack Perks: Katherine used to let her Lab-pit mix and Australian shepherd run around the backyard, but now she takes them for daily 5,000-step walks.

A Better View: When she gets off work, Katherine heads to the park for a stroll through nature. Exploring the outdoors helps her rack up an extra 5,000 steps and wind down while enjoying Arizona’s amazing sunsets.