Quit rushing to get to the gym. We road-tested three fitness apps-—created by social media darlings—that let you get fit on your own schedule.

By Family Circle Editors
Photo by Shutterstock

Burn: Rebecca Louise Fitness

Cost: Free one-week trial, $4/month, $38/year

Rating: 4 stars


Target bra bulge, melt muffin top or get thinner thighs. Perky Brit Rebecca Louise has racked up more than 400 million YouTube views helping women focus on problem spots. (Look for their #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca posts.) “Half an hour seems like a lot of time to devote to one area, but she includes tons of moves,” says our tester, Kaitlyn. “And I always got that wow-I-worked-hard sore muscle feeling the day after.” You’ll find more than 200 workouts on the app. “It suggests one 28-minute workout per day, so you don’t have to search through tons of offerings,” Kaitlyn says. You’ll also get daily meal plans and the chance to win prizes for exercising and sharing your activities.

What Needs Work: “Videos are often pieced together in order to create longer workouts,” Kaitlyn says. Although the subscription is affordable, Rebecca Louise does try to upsell you on the additional nutrition program.

Fave Move: “Hip Dips that targeted my muffin top,” says Kaitlyn. “I really felt it in my obliques.”

Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness

Cost: Free one-week trial, $20/month, $120/year

Rating: 5 stars


Nearly 11 million Instagram followers can’t be wrong. And neither can the before-and-after photos they post. “Kayla’s results are legit,” says our tester, Zoë. The chiseled Australian personal trainer is known for her tough 28-minute workouts (busy moms, rejoice!) and her Bikini Body Guides (look for the #BBG that devotees use on their eye-popping slimmed-down photos). Her app includes more than a thousand workouts, from circuit training to plyometrics, but lets you filter for specific programs geared toward, say, building strength or improving yoga skills.

What Needs Work: “Some of the moves can feel repetitive,” says Zoë.

Fave Move: ”Weighted Step Ups,” says Zoë. “You hold a weight in each hand and step onto an exercise bench, park bench or stairs.”

AKT On Demand

Cost: Free one-week trial, $35 per month

Rating: 4 stars


Your motivation slump is over. Between the great music, enthusiastic instructors and dance-based workouts that make you think you actually look cool doing this, celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser makes it easy to get your sweat on. And you will sweat. Through the app, Kaiser—who has trained Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker—brings her incredibly popular boutique studio workouts directly to your phone (new ones are added every three weeks) and promises results you can feel after 14 days and see after 30. It’s pricey, but it’s also the closest you’ll get to an actual studio on busy days.

What Needs Work: “There are lots of no-equipment workouts, but for the best experience you should have certain tools, like medicine balls and free weights, handy,” says Lynya, our tester. “Not everyone has that gear at home.” Doing the workouts at your gym is an easy fix (bring a tablet if your phone’s screen is too small).

Fave Move: “The Medicine Ball Core Workout had a move called the Airplane, where you alternate between planking and piking while your hands are on top of a medicine ball,” says Lynya. “I’d never done that move before, and it was challenging enough to bring the burn but also allowed moments of recovery.”