Smart Swaps for Parties

Stay on track with your diet plan during the holidays by following these tips.

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Pass Up: Martini

Reach For: Champagne or white wine spritzer (half wine, half seltzer)

Calories Saved: 180

A large martini can contain 3 shots of alcohol and about 300 calories.

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Pass Up: 4 Swedish meatballs

Reach For: 2 large chicken satays

Calories Saved: 73

While the protein in both of these dishes will help fill you up, Swedish meatballs are typically coated in a high-calorie, sugary sauce.

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Pass Up: 1 shortbread cookie

Reach For: 4 meringue cookies

Calories Saved: 240

With fewer than 50 calories per piece, meringues will still satisfy your sweet tooth.