Indulge without the bulge with these easy holiday diet tips.

You don't have to avoid that mouthwatering sweet potato pie to keep your waistline in check. It's all about eating small amounts for quality, not quantity, says Jean Kristeller, PhD, author of The Joy of Half a Cookie. Follow her holiday diet tips—based on your eating style—for savoring each bite.

If you tend to nibble all day long, try this holiday diet tip: Ask yourself, "Am I actually hungry?" and "Can I be more selective in my choices?" Save extra calories for those dishes you really like. And know you're not obligated to finish everything. If you don't like the first forkful of cake, discreetly toss the rest. Finally, location is everything, so socialize away from the buffet.

If you feel guilty for having one dessert try this holiday diet tip... Bust the mental "I've blown it" effect and allow yourself a few "bad" foods. Feeling ashamed of gobbling one brownie keeps you from appreciating it and leaves you unsatisfied—and before you know it, you've eaten half the tray. Plan to have a little piece and fully enjoy it.

If you skip meals leading up to dinner try this holiday diet tip...Enjoy something light before the big feast, like a salad. Then start with small portions, chew slowly and continuously check in on your fullness. Avoiding breakfast and lunch will only make you ravenous come suppertime.