It's time to celebrate! Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and more: We've got delicious recipes, easy and elegant crafts and decorating ideas, and tips and advice for all your favorite holidays throughout the year.

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How to Delegate Just About Everything for Thanksgiving

Call it task-giving. You’ll handle the main event—then nominate your family members, friends and relatives to pitch in on the rest. (It takes a village.) 
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This Is Officially America's Least Favorite Halloween Candy

You either love it or absolutely despise it—there seems to be no in between, according to a new survey.
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Top Halloween Costumes for Men and Teen Boys

Halloween costumes for men and teen boys are pretty much either superheroes, villains, or gaming characters (think Fortnite). All fun and scary—exactly what you want for Halloween. Check out our list of top picks.
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Top Halloween Costumes for Women and Teen Girls

Halloween costumes for women and girls are so fun. From heroes like Captain Marvel and Shuri to queens like Elsa and Daenerys, girls can be anything they want to be—even characters from Fortnite. Check out our list of the most popular costumes.
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Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

Grab your spouse, partner, or BFF to pair up for these easy and fun Halloween costumes. And no need to coordinate with your other half—they are all sold as a package deal to make life a little easier. Happy Halloween!
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Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2019

If your dad is anything like mine and extremely hard to shop for, here are 19 gifts that he is sure to love!
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The Most Popular Memoirs About Moms

Goodreads members have spoken: These are the top 12 most popular memoirs about moms. Snag copies for you and all the favorite moms in your life in time for Mother's Day.
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Mother's Day Essay: Anger Management, Mom Edition

Whatever kind of mom you are—and whatever kind you had—we see you, and we're celebrating. This is one of 11 essays in this series.