Festive Holiday Crafts

Try some of these simple but special crafts that are perfect for decorating or gift-giving.

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Let It Shine


Transform a collection of mismatched vintage brass candlesticks into a dazzling centerpiece.

Here's how: Paint assorted brass candlesticks from thrift shops or flea markets with spray primer and cover with varying shades of metallic spray paint—chrome, champagne, nickel, white gold. Mist one or two in the arrangement with spray adhesive and dust on fine textured glitter in a shade to match the paint.

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Little decorative embellishments turn simple packages into wrap stars.

Here's how: Clockwise from left: Paint the lid of a brown papier-mache box with acrylic craft paint, dust with clear glitter, add silver ribbon and top with a cluster of wired pinecones. Layer mesh ribbon over a solid for a textured effect. Cover a box with industrial paper towels and tie up with a thin silver ribbon. String pearly glass beads onto metallic embroidery floss and wrap around package. Tie or tape ends on back. Use a strip of fancy printed paper on a plain box as an inexpensive alternative to wrapping it.

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A Pine Idea


Morph a plain tray into a party-perfect perch for holiday drinks.

Here's how: Spray-paint an inexpensive serving tray a metallic color—we used taupe. To create a stencil, flatten a sprig from an evergreen under a stack of heavy books for a few hours. Coat foliage with spray adhesive. Arrange on tray, pressing to ensure it sticks, then apply a light coat of satin-finish spray paint in a contrasting color—we used silver—over the stencil and entire tray. Remove stencil, let dry, and apply several coats of finishing spray to make the tray durable enough for drinks.

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It's a Snap


Personalized family photos make charming holiday decor or one-of-a-kind gifts.

Here's how: Cover unfinished wood frames with self-priming acrylic paint (smooth the frame with fine-grit sandpaper first, if necessary). Once fully dry, apply adhesive stencils or apply adhesive to the back of regular stencils. Use a stencil brush to stipple on a small amount of metallic paint in a contrasting color. Carefully remove the stencil and let dry. Repeat as needed, creating both light and dark designs.