Holiday Pinecone Decorations

Invite nature indoors for the holidays with our easy-to-make ornaments and tabletop accessories.

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Sitting Pretty


Don't overlook simple woodsy touches—pinecones dusted with snow instantly decorate a sill or table.

Here's how: Cut off the base of large, tall pinecones with floral clippers so they stand upright. Sprinkle the pinecones lightly with artificial snow or glass glitter. Hot-glue tiny glass ornaments between the scales.

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All Wrapped Up


It's the little things that count—like napkins tied with ribbons and topped with pinecones.

Here's how: Roll each napkin. Cut 7 inches of 1-1/2-inch-wide satin ribbon, adding a little extra so the ends overlap when wrapped around the napkin. Secure with double-side tape. Repeat with 1/2-inch-wide velvet ribbon. Wrap a length of 1/8-inch-wide metallic ribbon around the bottom row of scales of a tiny pinecone, slip the ribbon under the velvet ribbon, and tie in place. Snip ends on the diagonal to finish.

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Window Dressing


Give a plain window a new outlook with a simple pinecone valance.

Here's how: Trim desired ribbons in random lengths (we alternated shorter lengths of organza with longer taffeta pieces). With a thumbtack, press one end of each ribbon into the base of each pinecone. Conceal the tack by gluing two or three tiny glass ornaments around it. Suspend the ribbons—spacing them equal intervals apart—from the inside of the window frame with artist tape or thumbtacks.

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Top Notch


Objects collected from the forest floor lend a seasonal beauty to gift wrap.

Here's how: Wrap gifts with ribbons and secure with double-sided tape. Add pinecones using hot glue.

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Put a spin on traditional mistletoe, nestling sprigs of the plant among a cluster of cones.

Here's how: Choose pinecones of various sizes. Attach different lengths of velvet ribbon to each pinecone with a thumbtack. To conceal tack, glue mistletoe and berries, bay leaves, or lemon tree leaves (which will give off a heavenly scent) around it. Tie the ribbons together in a single knot and hang.

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Light Fantastic


Bathe your room in a holiday glow with basic pillar candles surrounded by rings of pinecones.

Here's how: Use pinecones of varying shapes and sizes, and hot-glue them to the base of the candle.

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Gather Together


Take a break from evergreens—adorn the mantel with a pinecone garland instead.

Here's how: Measure the mantel: Divide into three equal lengths and mark all four points. Attach a removable adhesive plastic hook at each point. Make three garlands: Line the pinecones up end to end. Use a roll of bendable wire (the same color as the pinecones). Leaving 2 inches free at the beginning of the wire, wrap it around each cone two times, weaving it between the rows of scales to secure. Without cutting the wire and leaving no space between cones, repeat until you have one continuous strand. When the garland reaches the desired length (it should drape loosely), wrap the ends of the wire around the hooks and snip. Repeat for the other two segments. After hanging all three garlands, dangle a grouping of pinecones from the center of each garland using wire. Glue two pinecones together—base to base—and hang in front of the hooks to conceal. Hot-glue ornaments to the garland to finish.

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Serene Scene


Welcome your guests to a holiday table set with china, crystal, and pinecone name tags.

Here's how: Using floral clippers, trim small pinecones at the base so they have a flat bottom. Remove the strings from round, metal rimmed gift tags, and write the names of guests on them. Slip the tip of the pinecone through the hole in the tag.

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Weighting Tables


Banish fussy table decorations this season with an understated yet charming trim for a runner or tablecloth.

Here's how: Cut off the pointed tips of each of the pinecones. Screw a small eye-hook into the base and screw another hook into the other end, twisting it like a corkscrew. Hang a tiny glass ornament from the tip. To attach the pinecone to the runner, handstitch it through the eye-hook, using a thread of similar color.

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Step in the Right Direction


Hang pinecones gilded with winter berries from the banister with glittering lengths of metallic ribbon.

Here's how: For each pinecone cut an 8-inch length of metallic ribbon (ours is 1/8 inch wide). Fold the ribbon in half to mark the middle, then press a thumbtack through the center and into the base of the pinecone. Hide the tack by hot-gluing a bunch of berries around it. Tie the loose ends of the ribbons into a knot, and suspend the cones beneath the banister rail using artist tape.