Sparkling Holiday Decorations

'Tis the season to add shimmer to your home. From a brilliant wreath to silver stars, we have easy ideas to brighten your December.

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Let It Glow


Give a pinecone wreath a little glimmer with a dusting of silvery highlights.Here's how: Cover work surface with kraft paper or newspaper. Spray-paint a pinecone wreath silver. Apply spray-mount glue, working in small sections so that adhesive stays sticky and doesn't dry out. Sprinkle on silver glitter with a spoon. Work from one end of the wreath to the other, turning and rotating to make sure undersides of pinecones are thoroughly coated. Shake off excess glitter before hanging.Tip: Do projects over a large piece of kraft paper or newsprint so you can funnel excess glitter into a dish for reuse.

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Silver Streak


Branch out from the ordinary with an arrangement of glistening twigs for the table.Here's how: Cut three branches from the garden (ours were 3 feet long). Place on newspaper and give each an even coat of silver spray paint. Let dry for at least an hour. Apply white craft glue to branches with a foam brush and sprinkle silver glitter as you go. (If you use spray mount, allow for a longer drying time.) No need to uniformly coat branches with glitter—just sprinkle where desired.

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Bowled Over


For a gorgeous centerpiece, add a touch of razzle-dazzle to nature's bounty.Here's how: Choose pinecones in a variety of shapes and sizes. Spray-paint them silver, copper, or blue. Apply spray-mount glue in sections from top to bottom, rotating the cone as you go—if you cover the entire pinecone with glue, it will dry before you can apply glitter. Working over a large piece of kraft paper or newspaper, sprinkle matching glitter over the pinecone with a spoon. Turn pinecone upside down and repeat on the underside to coat.Tip: For the best results, match the glitter color to the paint—for example, silver glitter with silver paint.

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Match Play


The gleam of candles in glitter-embellished glass votives lights up the night.Here's how: Press a small leaf-shaped stamp (available at craft stores) onto a glue stamp pad, ensuring the stamp is small enough to fit the container. Press the stamp onto a glass votive or hurricane. Hold the votive over paper and sprinkle fine silver glitter over the leaf shape. Let dry and gently blow off excess glitter—don't use a brush because the design is delicate. Don't worry if the leaf pattern isn't perfect—imperfections make the design unique.

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Oh, Little Stars


Create your own Milky Way up the stairs by hanging clusters of glittery stars from the railing.Here's how: For each ornament: Using star template, cut shape from lightweight card stock. Cut a notch two-thirds up from the base of each star. Use spray-mount adhesive—water-based glue can warp the paper—then sprinkle with glitter. Shake to remove excess glitter. Once stars are uniformly sparkly, slide two notches together and attach a loop of string for hanging.

Get the star template

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Go for the Gold


A mini-forest gets the Midas touch with a bit of glue and glitter.Here's how: For each tree: Enlarge triangle template to desired size and cut shape from heavy card stock. Cut a notch two-thirds up from the base of one triangle and two-thirds down from the tip of the other as shown. (After applying glitter you will slide the two notches together to form a tree.) Lightly brush one side of each triangle with clear-drying white craft glue, then sprinkle with glitter until tree is uniformly coated. Let dry. Repeat steps for other sides. For an alternative to craft glue, use spray-mount adhesive before applying glitter.Originally published in the December 2008 issue of Family Circle magazine.

Find the triangle templates here