Gift Guide 2015: For the Family

Our top picks for presents the whole family will love.

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For the Family: Game On


Take game night up a notch with these totally customizable boards.

Custom Scrabble and Monopoly Board Games,, $40 each

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For the Family: Picture Perfect


Send family photos to have them converted into a custom illustrated portrait to hang on the wall.

Personalized Cameo Portrait,, from $75

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For the Family: Great Sounds


Control playlists and volume with your phone, from anywhere in the house, on these high-quality wireless speakers. Compatible with Spotify, Google Play Music, iTunes, Amazon Prime Music and dozens of other music accounts.

Play:1 Wireless Speaker,, $199 each

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For the Family: Best Breakfast Ever


The straight-up style means this waffle maker takes up way less counter space while still bringing a delicious breakfast to the table.

Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker,, $80

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For the Family: Phone Wars


Cards offer players funny challenges, like "Create an emoji masterpiece," that have to be completed using their mobile devices.

Game of Phones,, $20 

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For the Family: Map Fun


Perfect for the family that's always on the road—scratch off destinations after visiting to slowly color in the map.

Scratch Map,, $29

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For the Family: Sweet Jar


Customization adds a special touch to this kitchen essential.

Personalized Homemade Cookie Jar,, $37

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For the Family: Game of Boards


Live out your dreams of conquest in this strategic game based on the hit show and book series. Choose between Lannister, Stark, Tyrell and other clans and fight for control of Westeros.

RISK: Game of Thrones Edition,, $75

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For the Family: Memories Made


Send those home videos and photos collecting dust in the closet to LegacyBox, which will convert them to digital for a flat rate.

Legacybox Starter Pack,, $75

Coupon code: Enter "FAMCIRCLE" at checkout for 40% off through 12/21/15.

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For the Family: Perfect Pillows


Add these trendy checked pillowcases to your holday decor rotation.

Plaid Pillow Covers,, $39

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For the Family: Old-School Style


This portable record player features a chalkboard lid that can be decorated and personalized.

Crosley Cruiser Retro Turntable-Chalkboard,, $100

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For the Family: Coffee Break


No need to wait in line at a coffee shop ever again, thanks to this new machine from Ninja. With the ability to customize flavor richness and create drinks in a variety of sizes, plus a built-in milk frother, you'll be your favorite barista.

The Ninja Coffee Bar, major retailers nationwide, $149